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Prof. Kamala Ganesh is  Prof. M N Srinivas Chair Professor

Kamala Ganesh was formerly Professor and Head, Dept. of Sociology, University of Mumbai. Her fields of interest include Gender and Kinship, Women’s history and Archiving for women, Culture and Identity and Indian Diaspora Studies. She has been ICSSR Senior Research Fellow, Scholar in Residence at Shiv Nadar University and Fellow and Visiting Professor at Leiden University , The Netherlands and Muenster University in Germany. For full profile see

Select recent Publications:

  • 2021 ‘Andal: Afterlife of a 9th century woman poet’, Sambhashan : Interdisciplinary quarterly journal of the University of Mumbai. Special issue on Syncretic Legacies in India: Critical Perspectives. Vo;. 2, Issues 1 & 2, pp.64-90.

  • 2020 ‘The Rebellious Woman And The Violence Of Consensus: Contemporary Contestations of The Domestic Space’ in Sujata Patel (ed) Exploring sociabilities of contemporary India. Orient Blackswan: Hyderabad, 137-169.

  • 2018 ‘Early Women Sociologists in India’, in Gita Chadha and M.T.Joseph (ed) Re-Imagining Sociology in India: Feminist Perspectives, Essays in Honour of Kamala Ganesh, Routledge: London and New York.


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