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Anand Inbanathan




Associate Professor, Centre for Study of Social Change and Development (CSSCD)


Area of Specialisation
  • Decentralization and politics, civil society and democracy

  • Occupation and health, quality of life

  • Migration and adaptation


Academic Qualification
  • Ph.D (Sociology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 1986)

Selected Publications


  • Migration and Adaptation: Tamils in Delhi, 1997, Kalinga Publications, Delhi.


  • "Tamils in Delhi: Preservation of Group Identity," Détente (New Delhi) vol. VI, nos. 1 and 2, July-October 1987, pp. 8-13.

  • Research Report on the Handicapped,  The Situation of the Handicapped in India:  With Special Reference to Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra,  Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Published by Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, 1988). Co-author Sri. Shashi Bhushan. 

  • "Migration and Adaptation: Lower Caste Tamils in a Delhi Resettlement Colony," Sociological Bulletin, vol. 37, nos. 1 and 2; March-September 1988, pp. 113-26. (Printed in February 1990). 

  • Also included in Ranvinder Singh Sandhu, ed., 2003.  Urbanization in India: Sociological Contributions, Sage Publications, New Delhi.

  • "Panchayati Raj in Karnataka:  The Role of Elites," Détente, vol. IX, no.   4,    November -December 1990,  pp. 22-24.

  • "Profile and Participation of Women Zilla Parishad and Mandal Panchayat Members:  The Case of Karnataka," co-author B.K. Chandrashekar.  Journal of Rural Development, vol. 10 (5), September 1991,   pp. 575-589.  

  • New Panchayati Raj in Karnataka.  ISS Manuscript Report-6. Book-length report published in 1992 by Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi.

  • "Scheduled Caste Women in Reeling Industry," Indian Silk, vol. 32, no. 7, November 1993, pp. 13-21. 

  • Karnataka Panchayats Under Administrators 1994, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, Occasional Paper Series-14.

  • ----------and V. Vijayalakshmi, "Women, Sericulture and Development: A Case in South India,"  Journal of Third World Studies, Volume XIV, No.1, 1997, pp 37-63.

  • "Decentralisation and Affirmative Action:  The Case of Panchayats in Karnataka,"  Journal of Social and Economic Development,  Vol. II, no. 2, 1999, pp. 269-86.

  • "Power, Patronage and Accountability in the Panchayats of Karnataka."  Working paper,  no. 68.   Institute for Social and Economic Change, 2000.

  •  "Elite Perceptions of Poverty: The Case of Karnataka (India)."   Working paper, no. 94, Institute for Social and Economic Change, 2001.

  • "Representation and Accountability in Local Government: The Panchayats of Karnataka."  Working Paper, no.96.  Institute for Social and Economic Change, 2001.

  • ------and D.V. Gopalappa, "Fixers, Patronage, 'Fixing,' and Local Governance in Karnataka." Sociological Bulletin, vol. 52, no. 2, September 2003.

  • --------and Om Prakash, "Silk Reeling and Health: Life Style and Quality of Life of Workers,"   Working paper 136, Institute for Social & Economic Change, Bangalore, 2003.

  • "Affirmative action and dalits: political representation in panchayats," Working paper 138, Institute for Social & Economic Change", Bangalore, 2003.

  • "Social mobility in the context of occupational health: The case of silk reeling" in Gopal K. Kadekodi, Ravi Kanbur and Vijayendra Rao, (eds.), Development in Karnataka: Challenges of Governance, Equity and Empowerment, Academic Foundation, Delhi, 2007.

  • "Representation, Accountability and Patronage in the Institutions of Local Government in Karnataka and  Kerala",  in Lucy Baugnet and Girish Kumar (eds.) Local Government and Democracy: Indo-French Perspective,  Manohar, Delhi. In press,  forthcoming.

Anand Inbanathan
Associate Professor
Centre for Study of Social Change and Development

Institute for Social and Economic Change
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