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  • Status of Elderly in Kerala. United Nations Population Fund, December 2013, James, K S, T S Syamala, Supriya Verma, Sajini B Nair, L Sylaja, S Sureshkumar and K R Anithakumari.

  • Demand and Supply of Agricultural Commodities in India. New Delhi: Macmillan India, 2013,  Kumar, Parmod.

  • Peasantry, Capitalism and State: The Political Economy of Agrarian Societies. UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, November 2013,  Kumar, V Anil.

  • Sisyphean Efforts? State Policy and Child Labour in Karnataka. UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, November 2013, Kumar, V Anil.

  • Knowledge Systems of Societies for Adaptation and Mitigation of Impacts of Climate Change, Environmental Science and Engineering. Germany: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2013,  Nautiyal, Sunil, K S Rao, H Kaechele, K V Raju and R Schaldach.

  • Karnatakada Sarvatomukha Pragatiya Vividha Aayamagalu (Kannada). New Delhi: Global Research Publications, January 2013, Lingaraju, M,  Jayasheela.

  • Ethnicity, Resources and Institutions for Development of North Eastern States of India (Edited Book). New Delhi: Akansha Publishing House, January 2013, Singha, Komol, P C Dutta.

  • Vulnerability and Globalisation: Perspectives and Analyses from India. Jaipur: Rawat, 2012, D Rajasekhar, N Jayaram

  • Economic Reforms and Small Farmers: Implication for Production, Marketing and Employment. New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2012, Parmod Kumar, Sandip Sarkar

  • Assessing the Quality of District Data for Improved Planning and Monitoring of Development Programmes, United Nation Population Fund – India, 2011, K S James, K M Satyanarayana, Sanjay Kumar, K Srinivasan, P M Kulkarni and Dhananjay W Bansod.

  • Social Science Research in India: Institutions and Structure, New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2011(Editors) Nadkarni M V and R S Deshpande.

  • Ethics for Our Times – Essays in Gandhian Perspective, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2011, M V Nadkarni.

  • Development Windows: Essays in Honor of Professor V.M. Rao, New Delhi: Academic Foundation, 2011. Deshpande R S, K V Raju, S M Jharwal and D Rajasekhar.

  • Decentralised Governance and Planning in Karnataka, India, Newcastle upon Tyne : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011, S N Sangita and V Anil Kumar.

  • Decentralised Governance and Service Delivery : Affordability of Drinking Water Supply by Gram Panchayats in Karnataka, D Rajasekhar, R Manjula.

  • Institutional Design for Tackling Child Labour Problem, New Delhi : Concept Publishers, 2011,  D Rajasekhar, K G Gayathri Devi and V Anil Kumar.

  • Decentralised Planning : Kerala’s Experiences (in Malayalam), Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad, Kerala, 2011, Rajesh K.

  • Emerging out of shadow: A study of Rural Indebtedness in India, Germany: VDM Verlag Publisher, 2011, Meenakshi Rajeev, B P Vani.

  • Development of rural and peri-urban landscapes : Socioeconomic and ecological perspectives of urbanization in India (2011), Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, Sunil Nautiyal.

  • Population Change and Health Care, Rawat Publications (July 2011), C M Lakshmana.

  • Mate Selection and Age at Marriage among Rural Females : A study of the Vokkaliga Community in Karnataka, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, USA, UK (July 2011), K S Umamani.

  • NRHM at crossroads : An Appraisal from Karnataka, India, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, USA, UK (August 2011), K S Umamani.

  • Elderly and Coping Mechanisms: Health, Family and Social Adjustment of Elderly in Rural Maharashtra, India, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG, March 2011, Dhananjay W Bansod.

  • Countering Domestic Violence: Family Limitation and Women’s Empowerment Illustration of a Rural Community in South India Family, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing GmbH & Co. KG, May 2011, T N Bhat.

  • Biodiversity, Indigenous Environmental Knowledge and IPRs: Theoretical and Policy Perspective, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing, February 2011, C Nanjundaiah.

  • Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Development, New Delhi: Oxford Publications, 2010. (Editor)  Asian Development Bank (R S Deshpande).

  • Performance and Inefficiency of Public Distribution System in India, New Delhi, 2010: Academic Foundation, Parmod Kumar.

  • Agrarian Crisis and Farmer Suicide Land Reforms in India Volume 12, New Delhi: Sage Publication, 2010. (Editors) Deshpande R S and Saroj Arora

  • Population, Gender And Health In India - Methods, Processes and Policies, Academic Foundation, 2010, (Editors) K S James, Arvind Pandey, Dhananjay W Bansod, Lekha Subaiya.

  • Ecological Economics: An Approach towards Socioeconomic and Environmental Sustainability. Bangalore: ISEC, and National Institute of Ecology (NIE), 2010. Sunil Nautiyal, Bibhu Prasad Nayak.

  • Growing Rural-Urban Disparity in Karnataka. New Delhi, Serial Publications, 2010, D Rajasekhar, Gagan Bihari Sahu, K H Anantha.

  • Gender and Governance in Rural Services. The World Bank and IFPRI, 2010, K G Gayathridevi , Regina Birner, Madhushree Sekher, et al.

  • Agricultural Development, Rural Institutions, and Economic PolicyEssays for A. Vaidyanathan, Oxford University Press, 2009, (Editors) Gopal K Kadekodi & Brinda Viswanathan.

  • Conserving and Valuing Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity – Economic, Institutional and Social Challenges. London and Sterling: Earthscan, March 2009, K N Ninan

  • Decentralised Governance and Developmental Politics in South India: A Study, VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, (Germany) 2009, V Anil Kumar.

  • Forests, Environment and Local community: A Special Reference to Western Ghats of India, Manak Publication Private Ltd, New Delhi, 2008. C Nanjundaiah

  • Footprints of Development and Change – Essays in Memory of Professor VKRV Rao Commemorating His Birth Centenary, Academic Foundation, New Dheli, 2008, Jayaram, N. and Deshpande R S.

  • A Passionate Humanitarian: VKRV Rao, New Delhi: Academic Foundation. 2008. (Editor) Institute for Social and Economic Change (Rao S L, N Jayaram, R S Deshpande, V M Rao and M V Nadkarni)

  • Contract Farming and Tenancy Reforms - Entangled Without Tether. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company. 2008. (Editor) Deshpande R S

  • Irrigation Management Transfer: Strategies and Best Practices from International and National Experiences, Asian Development Bank, 2008 Raju K V.

  • Institutional Options for Improving Water Management in India: The Potential Role of River Basin Organisations, Asian Development Bank and Sage Publications, New Delhi, 2008 Raju K V.

  • The Expenditure Planning and Management Practitioners’ Guide: An Introduction to Program and Performance Budgeting at the Indian State (Sub-national) Level, USAID, New Delhi, 2008, Gayithri K

  • Development in Karnataka: Challenges of Governance, Equity and Empowerment, Academic Foundation, 2008, (Editors) Gopal K Kadekodi, Ravi Kanbur and Vijayendra Rao

  • Glimpses of Indian Agriculture: Macro and Micro Aspects, Academic Foundation, 2007, R S Deshpande, V P Sharma, R P S Malik, Brajesh Jha and S A Ansari

  • Child Labour in Bidar and Chamarajanagar Districts: Status Report and Ways Forward, ILO, 2007, D Rajasekhar, R Manjula, Suchitra J Y and Sanjiv Kumar.

  • Effectiveness of Micro-Finance Programmes in Reducing Vulnerability to Debt Bondage in Andhra Pradesh, ILO, Geneva, 2006, D Rajasekhar, N L Narasimha Reddy and Suchitra J Y.

  • Design and Management of Social Security Benefits for Unorganised Workers in Karnataka, GTZ, New Delhi, 2006, D Rajasekhar, Suchitra J Y, Madheswaran and G K Karanth.

  • Showing the Way Forward: India's Redistribution Experience in Extending Social Protection to All, ILO, New Delhi, D Rajasekhar and Suchitra J Y.

  • Glimpses of Indian Agriculture: Macro and Micro Aspects, Academic Foundation, 2007, R S Deshpande, V P Sharma, R P S Malik, Brajesh Jha and S A Ansari.

  • Land Labour and Caste: Agrarian Change and Grassroots Politics in Andhra Pradesh, and London: COOPERJAL Ltd, 2007, V Anil Kumar

  • The Unquenched Thirst: Drinking Water as a Right in Rural Karnataka, and London: COOPERJAL Ltd, 2007, V Anil Kumar

  • Good Governance and Poverty Alleviation: A Study of SGSY Programme, Concept Publishing Company, 2007, D Rajasekhar, K G Gayathri Devi and Sachidananda Satapathy

  • Ecology and Economic System: A Case of the Naga Community, Regency Publications, 2007, U S Shimray

  • Naga Population and Integration Movement, Mittal Publications, New Delhi. 2007, U A Shimray.

  • Youth Vision 2020: Towards Building An India of Our Choice (Edited), Serial Publication: New Delhi, 2007, Sachidananda Satapathy.

  • Economic Reforms and Drug Policy: A Micro Level Analysis, UNDP/CMDR Publication, 2006, Gopal K Kadekodi and Arvind Badiger.

  • Honnasettyhalli Honnaru: Grama Adhyana (in Kannada), Mysore, Matanga Publication, 2006, M Kusanna.

  • Impact of Bank Interest Rates on SHG Members, Concept Publishing Co., New Delhi. 2006, D Rajasekhar, N Krishne Gowda and R Manjula.

  • Kanaka: Sama Samaja Harikara (Ed.) (in Kannada), Mysore, Matanga Publication, 2006, M Kusanna.

  • Status of Health and Medical Care in India: A Macro Perspective, UNDP/CMDR Publication, 2006, Gopal K Kadekodi and Keerti Kulkarni.

  • What Do the People Say about Health Care Facilities?, UNDP/CMDR Publication, 2006, Gopal K Kadekodi, Mallesh S N and Seema Hegde.

  • Where Water Seeps! Towards a Phase in India’s Irrigation Reforms, New Delhi: Academic Foundation. 2005. Narayanamoorthy A. and R S Deshpande

  • Baba Saheb Dr B R Ambedkar: Manava Hakkugala Pratipadaka (in Kannada), Bangalore: Department of Social Welfare, Government of Karnataka, 2005, M Kusanna.

  • Orissa Vision-2020: Towards Building a New and Modern Orissa (Edited), New Age Publication, 2005, Sachidananda Satapathy.

  • Poverty and Economic Reforms - The Social Concerns, Academic Foundation in association with ISEC, 2004, G S Aurora.

  • Poverty  Alleviation    Strategies   of   NGOs, Concept Publishing Co, 2004, D Rajasekhar.

  • Raithara Athmahathye Mattu Dalithara Navabrahmanike, (in Kannada), Mysore Matanga Publication, 2005, M Kusanna.

  • Sadhruda Bharatha Nirmapaka Dr Babu Jagjivanram, (in Kannada), Bangalore: Department of Social Welfare, Government of Karnataka, 2005, M Kusanna.

  • Crops and Cultivation, State of Indian Farmer: A Millennium Study, Volume- 8, New Delhi: Academic Foundation. 2004. Deshpande R S, M J Bhende and P Thippaiah

  • NGOs and Farmers’ Movement, State of Indian Farmer: A Millennium Study, Volume- 23, New Delhi: Academic Foundation. 2004. Deshpande R S, D Rajasekhar,  Pradeep Apte and Dhanmanjiri Sathe

  • Reluctant Partners Coming Together? Interface Between People, Government  and  NGOs, Concept Publishing Co, 2004, (Editors) D Rajasekhar and R R Biradar (Eds.).

  • Common Property Resource Management - Reflections on Theory and the Indian Experience, Oxford University Press, December 2003, Gopal K Kadekodi.

  • Environmental Economics in Practice, (Edited), Oxford University Press, December 2003, Gopal K Kadekodi.

  • Collegiate Education in Karnataka State, Education Department, Government of Karnataka, Government printing Press, Bangalore 2002, M R Narayana.

  • Structure and Management Functions of Education in Karnataka State, Education Department, GOK, April 2003, A S Seetharamu.

  • Rejuvenating Tanks: A Socio-Ecological Approach, Books for Change, Bangalore, 2003, K V Raju, G K Karanth, M J Bhende, D Rajasekar, K G Gayathridevi.

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  • Estimating District Income in India, Macmillan India Ltd., November 2002, Meenakshi Rajeev, Rohini Nayyar, Vinod Vyasulu.

  • Decentralised Governance and Planning: A Comparative Study in Three South Indian States, Macmillan  India  Ltd., New  Delhi, 2002, Abdul Aziz, N Sivanna, M Devendra Babu, Madhushree Sekher, C Charles Nelson.

  • Dalit Identity and Politics, Sage Publications India Ltd., 2002, G K Karanth, Ghanasham Shah. Second in the series "Cultural Subordination and Dalit Challenge", Editors: S R Charsley (University of Glasgow) and G K Karanth (ISEC).

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  • Users in Water Management, Rawat Publications, April 2002, K V Raju, Rakesh Hooja, Ganesh Pangare.

  • Value Added Tax: Tax Design and Policy Issues, Sun Publications, Bangalore, February 2002, Hemlata Rao.

  • Water Resources and Economic Development, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, U.K., December 2001 (Released in January 2002), R Maria Saleth.

  • Central Budgetary Subsidies in India, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, New Delhi, 2001, D K Srivasta, Amar Nath H K.

  • An Appraisal of Watershed Development Programme Across Regions in India,   Gokhale  Institute  of Politics and Economics, Pune, December 2000, R S Deshpande, A Naryanamoorthy.

  • Tribal Fertility, Mortality and Health Care Practices, Mittal Publications, New Delhi 2000, R Muthurayappa.

  • Women and Law in Colonial India, Kali for Women, 2000, Janaki Nair.

  • A Question of Silence? Kali for Women, 2000, (Editors) Janaki Nair, Mary John (Eds.).

  • Economic and Ecological Dimensions of Livestock Economy: An Indian Case Study of Small Ruminants, Commonwealth Publishers, New Delhi, 2000, Syed Ajmal Pasha.


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