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Terms of Accessibility

The available data could be made available to the researchers preferably to those working in ISEC and jointly with ISEC, Members of the Board of Governors and the Founder Members of the Institute. They are welcome to use the Data Bank. However, in case of primary field survey data (soft/hard copies), consent from project director to obtain the data will be necessary. Any other researcher interested in obtaining these data may seek permission from the Registrar, ISEC for use of such data. Which will be provided keeping in view the prevailing copy right etc. We are happy to state that we do not charge for the supply data and these data could only be provided in the soft copy and not in printed form. The Data Bank is made to create an access to the data and this may please not be treated as centre for research assistance which will require lot of efforts on the part of the staff of the Data Bank. We expect an acknowledgement on the use of data.


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