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All India Profile


*       Statistical Year Book, India 2013

India, G-20 and the World; Area and Population; National Product and Related Aggregates; Balance Of Payments; Public Finance; Direct And Indirect Taxes; Five Year Plans; Agriculture; Horticulture; Live Stock & Fisheries; Sericulture; Irrigation; Information Technology; Industry; Mining; Energy; Companies; Trade; Indian Railways; Motor Vehicles; Roads; Shipping; Civil Aviation; Banks; Insurance; Tourism; Hotels; Housing; Education; Health and Family Welfare; Post & Telecommunication; Labour & Employment; Environment & Forest; Rainfall; Rural And Urban Development; Newspapers And Periodicals;  Crime; Accident; Prices; Exchange, Coinage And Currency; Trade Unions; Local Bodies; Electoral Statistics; . Cooperative Societies; Millennium Development Goals

*      Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy (select year in quick search for previous years)

*    RBI Database on Indian  Economy

*    Latest National Account Statistics India (CSO)

*    India Statistics (CSO – Cover Agriculture, Industry, Service and Social Sector)

*    District Domestic Products (All Major States – 1999-00 to 2008-09)

*    Planning Commission Socio-economic Database on Indian Economy

*    Indian Planning Experience A Statistical Profile

*    Economic Survey Database

*     Major CSO Publication available on login option

o        CSO- National Account Statistics

o        CSO- Research and Publication Units (RPU)

  • Monthly Statistical Abstract

  • Statistical Pocket Book India

  • Statistical Abstract India

  • India in Figures

  • Compendium of Selected Indicators on Indian Economy (Vol-I&II)

  • Infrastructure Statistics

  • BRICS Joint Statistical Publication 2012

o        CSO- Social Statistics Division

  • Compendium of Environmental Statistics

  • Women and Men in India

  • Selected Socio-economic Statistics India

  • Disability in India: A Statistical Profile 2011

*       Handbook on Social Welfare Statistics 2007

General; Demography; Vital Statistics; Education; Employment; Public Expenditure on Welfare; Scheduled Castes Development; Scheduled Tribes Development; Development of other Backward Classes; Development of Minorities; Welfare of Persons with Disabilities; Social Defense; International Comparison;

*       Rural Development Statistics 2011-2012

Demographic Indicators; Population; Socio-Economic Characteristics; Agriculture and Allied Activities; Cooperation; Industries; Rural Infrastructure; Panchayati Raj; Sc's and St's; Rural Women.


*       Agricultural Statistics at Glance: 2007 to 2011 & 2012 (All India; State Coverage)

*       Crop-wise Area, Production and Yield:

o        State-level: 1976-77 to 1995-96 and 1996-97 to 2011-12

o        District-level : 1998-99 to 2012-13

*       State-wise Land Use Pattern in India

o        State-level: 1996-97 to 2009-10 and 2001-02 to 2010-11

o        District-level : 1998-99 to 2012-13

*     State-wise Farm Harvest Prices of Principal Crops in India: 1998-99 to 2009-10 (District Coverage)

*       Retail Prices Bulletin

*       Agricultural Prices in India: 2008-09 to 20011-12

*       Agricultural Wages in India: 2005-06 to 2009-10

*       Cost of Cultivation/ Production India: 1996-97 to 2003-04 and 2008-11

*       Agricultural Census: 1970-71 to 2010-11 (Reports) and 1995-96 to 2006-07 (online)

*       Input Survey of India: 1970-71 to 2010-11 (Reports) and 1995-96 to 2006-07 (online)

*       2nd Census of Minor Irrigation Schemes (1993-94)

*       3rd Census of Minor Irrigation Schemes (2000-01)

*       Agricultural Research Data Book 2012 (IASRI)

*       Indian Horticulture Database

*       National Horticulture and Development Foundation Database

o        Area , Production, Exports and Markets Arrivals of Onion, Garlic and Potato

*      Water & Related Database (2005-2010)

*       Daily Satellite Images of Precipitation, Temperature & Wind

*       District-wise Rainfall Information – last 5 years (IMD)



*      Handbook of Industrial Policy and Statistics 2008-09

*    Wholesale Price Index: Since 1980-81 (click download data)

*    Index of Industrial Production and Key Services Price Index

*    Annual Survey of Industries (Factory Sector Data): 1998-99 to 2011-12

*   Database on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

o        Fourth All India Census of MSME 2006-07

o        Third All India Census of Small Scale Industries 2001-02

o        Annual Reports

o        Third National Handloom Census Report 2009-10


*       Indian Public Finance Statistics: 2004-05 to 2011-12

*       State Finances: A study of Budget (select year in quick search for previous years)

*       Handbook of Statistics on State Government Finances

*       Union Budgets India

*       Public Enterprises Survey

*       Outcome Budget 2006-07


*       Trend and Progress of Banking in India

*       Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India

*       Basic Statistical Returns of Scheduled Commercial Banks in India


*       Foreign Direct Investment Statistics

*       Export-import Databank of India

*       Agricultural Export database – (APEDA)



*       National Health Profile (2005-2011)

*       National Family Health Survey

*       District-Level Household and Facility Survey (DLHS)

*       Rural Health Statistics India

*       Family Welfare Statistics India

*       Sample Registration Survey Bulletin (SRS)

*       Demographic and Health Survey Database

*       Performance of Selected Health Indicators in India

*       Annual Health Survey  and other publications

*       Indian Health Statistics/Publications at Glance


*       Selected Educational Statistics - State Profile

*       Educational Statistics - At a Glance

*       Statistics of Higher and Technical Education

*        All India Survey on Higher Education

*       Statistics of School Education

*       Analysis of Budgeted Expenditure on Education

*       ASER (Annual Status of Education Report)


*       Energy Statistics 2013 ; 2012 ;

*       Energy Database of International Energy Agency (IEA)

*       Indian Petroleum and Natural Gas Statistics 2011-12 ; Home

*        Power Statistics at Glance


*       National Ambient Air Quality Status ; Water Quality

*       Compendium of Environmental Statistics


*       FAO-  Agricultural Production, Trade, Food Balance, Prices & Forestry


*       UNSTAT- Socio-economic, Demographic & Environmental Statistics

*       World Bank Database: World Development Indicators (India) and All Countries

*       UNCTAD Handbook of Statistics 2012 and Online

*       Human Development Database


*     Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India ; Crime in India ; Prison Statistics (See Publications)

*       India Tourism Statistics

*      India Census 2011 Database; Primary Census Abstract; Housing Census; Provisional Population

*       Indian Demography and Sources

*       ST (Tribal) Statistics at Glance

*       Road (Transport) Statistics

*       Indian Mineral Scenario


*       India Government Data Portal

*  (Need Subscription)

*       Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE – Need Subscription)

o        Major Products – PROWESS (Company Level data); Economy Outlook; Industry Outlook; States of India; Commodity Prices

*       Economic and Political Weekly Research Foundation  (EPWRF – Need Subscription)

o        Selected Macro-Economic Indicators

o        Financial Markets - Key Indicators 

o        State Domestic Products Series (1960-61 to Recent Years)

 DIRECTORATE OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS (Websites providing State/District level data)

Northern States

*       Haryana

*       Punjab

*       Himachal Pradesh

*       Jammu & Kashmir

*       Uttar Pradesh

*       Uttarakhand

Eastern States

*       Madhya Pradesh

*       Chhattisgarh

*       Bihar

*       Jharkhand

*       West Bengal

*       Assam

*       Manipur

*       Nagaland

*       Tripura

Western States

*       Maharashtra

*       Gujarat

*       Rajasthan

*       Orissa

Southern States

*       Andhra Pradesh

*       Karnataka

*       Kerala

*       Tamil Nadu




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