Institute for Social and Economic Change


Memorandum of Understanding with Central University
of Karnataka (CUK)


A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Prof. B K Pattnaik, Director, ISEC and Prof. M N S Rao, Vice Chancellor, CUK, GulbJarga, at ISEC on September 16, 2014. The main purpose of this collaboration is to strengthen research and teaching programmes of both the organisations. The main components of the collaboration are:

 (i) Strengthening of Ph.D. programme

ISEC will provide pre-Ph.D. coursework for doctoral students joining in CUK from the year 2014-15 onwards. As a part of this, CUK admitted students will spend about six months of their time on ISEC campus attending the courses that are relevant to select good Ph.D. topic and produce qualitative doctoral dissertation. As a part of this, the CUK students will be offered the courses on Perspective on Socio-Economic Change, Research Methodology, Econometrics, Basic Statistics, Economics and Development Studies. The CUK will recognise the course work offered by ISEC as a part of its Ph.D. programme.

 The faculty members from ISEC will be recognised by the CUK as guides for awarding the Ph.D. degree of CUK. The ISEC admitted students will have an option to obtain Ph.D. degrees from the CUK.

 The Institute will explore the possibility to conduct joint programs like Masters, Diploma, Certificate courses in Development Studies at ISEC. The degree certificate will be awarded by the CUK.

 (ii) Faculty Exchange

The opportunity for faculty exchange shall be created where the faculty from both ISEC and CUK will visit each other institution for academic, research and consultancy related activities.

 (iii) Joint research projects

The faculty from both the organisations will work jointly by submitting and undertaking research projects especially on developmental issues related to the Hyderabad-Karnataka Region (HKR).  With the implementation of Article 371(J) from 2014, there is need for undertaking many research projects as input to policy level initiatives for the development of the HKR.  CUK will consider the establishment of a Centre of Development of HKR at CUK, wherein projects of research on development of HKR will be jointly undertaken by the faculty members from both the organisations.

 (iv) Capacity Building

CUK will avail the support of ISEC in building students capabilities through internships.  For this, ISEC will reserve three seats to CUK recommended students from Karnataka in general and Hyderabad Karnataka in particular.

 Since CUK is young institution with many fresh doctorates being recruited as faculty, it will explore the support of ISEC in building faculty's capabilities by providing inputs like short term skill building exercise in curriculum and pedagogy development of relevant courses, opportunity of jointly preparing research projects etc., at ISEC.

 (v) Organising joint seminars and workshops

The Parties  will explore  the opportunity to organize  the  seminars and  workshops jointly  either  on  CUK  Campus  or ISEC Campus.



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