Institute for Social and Economic Change


Memorandum of Understanding with University of
Groningen, the Netherlands


An MOU has been signed between ISEC and the University of Groningen to institute academic exchange between the two institutions, with the long term goal of promoting academic and cultural understanding between India and the Netherlands. The scope of activities in the MOU covers the following: (1) educational cooperation with the aim of offering quality higher education by sharing knowledge, experiences and educational research findings and supporting each other in further educational development; (2) exchange visits between academic staff of the two institutions; (3) collaborative research; (4) cultural exchange and (5) capacity building of students.

Activities envisaged under the MoU are to: (1) provide mutual support in curriculum development, educational quality assurance, programme contents development, internationalisation of the curriculum, student assessment, student support services, and management of education; (2) develop and design joint courses to be offered at both institutions; (3) encourage visits by academic staff members for collaboration in teaching and research; (4) undertake collaborative research; (5) exchange research materials, publication and other information; (6) invite the other to participate in conferences, symposia and short visits; (7) facilitate student exchange to follow courses at each otherís institution and joint supervision of postgraduate students; (8) provide library access and academic assistance for doctoral research students; among others.

The University of Groningen has ten faculties, nine graduate schools, 27 research centres and institutes, and more than 175 degree programmes. Of these, the faculties such as the Faculty of Spatial Sciences (Departments of Cultural Geography, Demography, Economic Geography and Planning), Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Science (Departments of Psychology, Pedagogy and Educational Sciences, Sociology, Teacher Education), Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and others such as Arts, Law and Medicine may offer areas of common interest for ISEC scholars.

In addition, some of the various centres under Humanities and Social Sciences are Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG), Centre for Religious Studies (CRS), Groningen Institute for Educational research (GION), Groningen Research Institute of Philosophy (GRIPH), Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture (ICOG), Heymans Institute, Interuniversity Centre for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS), Urban and Regional Studies Institute (URSI).



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