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Professor, Agricultural Development and Rural Transformation Centre (ADRTC).

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Area of Specialisation

  • Rural Sociology
Academic Qualification

Ph D in Sociology – University of Poona, 1994
Title of the Thesis: Social Change Among Holeya Community: A Case Study of Bidar District (K.S.)

M Phil in Sociology – Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, 1989
Title of the Dissertation: Rite and Passage Among Holeya – A Case Study of Village Madakatti Taluk, Bhalki District, Bidar District.

Selected Publications


  • The Holeyas: A Study in Social Change, Mangala Publications, Mangalore, 2003. ISBN 81-88685-01-1, pp. 214+x

  • Problem of Water in North Karnataka, Mangala Publications, Mangalore, 2014. ISBN 81-88685-13-5.

  • Globalisation and Sericulture in India, A case study of Kolar District in Karnataka, Mangala Publication, Mangalore, ISBN:81-88685-15-1

  • Special Economic Zones: Socio-Economic Impact on Dispersed families in Karnataka Sri Prema Sai Printers & Publishers Mangaluru ISBN: 81-88685-02-X.


  1. Weaker Section and Social Justice – Gandhian Perspectives, An Inter-disciplinary Journal of Social Sciences, A Special Issue on Social Justice, Vol.XI, Nos. 1 and 2, Spring Fall, 1998.

  2. Marriage Customs Among Holeyas, Samaja Shodhana, Journal of the Mangalore Sociology Association, Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2000.

  3. Gandhian Philosophy and Rural Development, Participative Development, 2004.

  4. Rural Development Programmes in Karnataka People’s Perception in Glimpes of Indian Agriculture: Macro and Micro Aspects, Vol.2, Edited by R S Deshpande and S M Jharwal.

  5. Swatantra Poorvada Dalita Kiranagalu, in Horatada Heggegalu, in Kannada, edited by D B Mallikarjuna Swamy Mahamane.

  6. Small, Marginal and Dalit farmers in Rainfed Agriculture: A case study of Srinivas sardgi in Kalburgi District, Karnataka’ IJMRA (E Journal), Vol.5 (2):1-14.

  7. Drinking water, Sanitation and Hygiene practices Dalits in Karnataka’, Journal of Governance & Public Policy 5.2 (Jul-Dec 2015): 82-102,117.

  8. Participation of SHG and Employment Capabilities of Dalits households in Karnataka, Indian Journal of Economics and Development, August-2016, ISSN:2320-9836, Vol.4 (8), pp.1-10.

  9. Special Economic Zones in India: Types, Samaja Shodhana, Mangalore,2016. ISBN2319-3247, Vol. 25, pp. 31-60.

  10. Expenditure Inequalities Among Dalit School Children: A Study in Karnataka, The New Rural Paradigm: Polices and Governance, National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayath Raj Hyderabad, January - 2017, ISBN978-93-84503-72-7, pp - 512-530

  11. Status of Small and Marginal Dalit Farmers in Karnataka, Agricultural Situation in India, ISSN0002-1679, Vol. LXXXI:35-47, March 2017.

  12. Agricultural Production, Trade and Food Security: A Comparative analysis of India and China, Economic Development and Poverty Alleviation 2017 China India Forum, September 2017.

  13. Does Women's Empowerment Influence Their Reproductive Health Behavior?, IER Journal of Health and Demography, ISSN : 2454 - 9207, Vol. 2 : 12-29.

  14. Rural Household Migration and Development of Dalit in Karnataka, Agricultural Situation in India June-2018, ISSN: 0002-1679, pp-28-36.

  15. The disabled Population and their Educational Status In India, Periferia July 2018, Vol. 10(2): 135-157.

  16. Factors Influence to Participate MGNREGA work: A case study in Shettihalli GP in Karnataka, Journal of Economic Policy &Research April- September 2018, ISSN 0975-8577, Vol. 13 (2), pp-16-26.


  • Documentation of Success stories of Food Processing Units in Karnataka, ISEC Monograph No. 56.

Working Papers

  1. Own House and Dalit: Selected Villages in Karnataka State, ISEC working paper No.354.

  2. Caste Discrimination Practices in Rural Karnataka, ISEC working paper No.418

Recent Research Projects Completed
  1. From Tops down to bottoms up: Institutional Reforms in Indian Surface Irrigation: A case study of Karnataka. Collaborative Research Proposal with NCHER and IFPRI – with ISEC, Bangalore-72.

  2. People’s Perception of Rural Development Programmes in Karnataka, ISEC, Bangalore-72.

  3. Sericulture Development in new Areas: A Case Study of Gulbarga, Karnataka, ISEC, Bangalore.

  4. Changing Work Participation of Weaker Section in Karnataka: A Case Study of Last Three Decades

  5. Study for Estimation of Seed, Feed and Wastage Ratios for Major Food grains in India (jointly with Prof. R.S.Deshpande), October 2007.

  6. Impact of NREGA on Wage Rate, Food Security and Rural Urban Migration in Karnataka (Jointly with Prof. Parmod Kumar) May 2011.

  7. The evaluation programme 2013-14 of Karnataka state Literacy Mission, funded by Government of Karnataka.

  8. Assessment of Socio-Economic Capabilities of Dalit Households in Karnataka, funded by ICSSR, New Delhi 2015.

  9. Documentation of Success Stories of Food Processing Industries- A Case Study of Karnataka, funded by Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi. November 2015.

  10. Decision-Oriented Information Systems for Farmers:A Study of Kisan Call Centres (KCC), Kisan Knowledge Management System (KKMS), Farmers Portal, and M-Kisan Portal 2017-18.

  11. Performance Evaluation of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) in Karnataka 2018.

Papers Presented in Seminars/Workshops
  1. Gandhian Philosophy on Social Change and Rural Development. Sponsored by ICSP, Mount Abu, Rajasthan, October 2000.

  2. Honey is a Viable Medicine of Rural Folk, Sponsored by 6th Asian Agricultural Association (AAA), International Conference and World Apicxpo, Bangalore, January 2002.

  3. It is not Possible to Achieve Social Revolution Unless and Until the Caste and Political Consciousness Aroused due to Reservation Among Backward Classes is channelised to Phuley-Ambedkarite Ideology, Sponsored by BAMCEF 21st National Convention, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

  4. Millennium Growth of 10 Operative Sector in Karnataka: A Case of PACS, National Workshop/Seminar on “A Century of Co-operation: Flights and Falls” sponsored by Agro-Economic Research Centre for Bihar and Jharkhand (Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India). T.M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur, India.

  5. Soil Erosion – An Overview. National Workshop on “The Impact of Environmental Pollution on Society” sponsored by Department of Economics, 13th and 14th of August 2005 at Best Theosophical College, Madanapalli, Andhra Pradesh.

  6. ‘The Economics of Religion, Social Exclusion and Inclusion: A Sociological Analysis in Indian Context’. National Workshop on ‘Concepts, Context and Theories of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy’, 6th and 7th February 2008, Mangalore University, Mangalore.

  7. ‘Social Exclusion and Civil Society: A Sociological Analysis of Karnataka State’. Natioinal Seminar on ‘Social Exclusion in Indian Society: the Response of State and Civil Society’, Dr. Ambedkar Centre for Social Justice, University of Mumbai, March 14-15, 2008.

  8. Dalit Women and Water Problem in Rural India: A Social Exclusion in 21st Century: A Case Study of Karnataka – ICSSR sponsored Workshop and UGC sponsored National Seminar on February 4-5, 2010 at Mangalore University, Mangalore.

  9. Exlusion and Inclusion: A Critical Sociological Analysis in Indian Context. University of Mangalore, 5, 6, and 7 October 2013.

  10. Caste Conflict in Karnataka: A Critical Sociological Analysis, Southern ICSSR Centre, Mumbai, 7, 8 and 9 January 2013.

  11. Disadvantage women and Rape: A Sociology analysis, 24/01/2014- national seminar, Department of Sociology- Periyar university selam (Tamil Nadu)

  12. Chaired the session on "Data Scrutiny, Compilation, Computerization, Analysis" in Workshop on 'Decision - Oriented Information system for Farmers: A study of Kisan Call Centers (KCC), Kisan Knowledge Management System (KKMS), Farmers Portal and M - Kisan Portal' organised by Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad on 21 September 2016

  13. Chaired the session on "Planning of the Survey, Sampling Locations, Survey methods" in Workshop on 'Decision - Oriented Information system for Farmers: A study of Kisan Call Centers (KCC), Kisan Knowledge Management System (KKMS), Farmers Portal and M - Kisan Portal' organised by Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad on 21 September 2016.

  14. "Causes for Farmers Suicides in INdia: A Wake-Up call for Government”, A National Seminar on 'Inclusive Agriculture Growth in India: Issues and Challeenges Organized by Rani Channamma University - Belgavi, 16th-17th February 2017.

  15. "The Socio-Economic Conditions of Karnataka Buddhist Community”. a Workshop on 'Inclusive Development of Minorities in Karnataka: Issues, Challenges and Policy Recommendations' organized by The Chair on Religious Minorities, National Law School of India University, Bangalore, 27th-28th February 2017.

  16. "Revisiting Ambedkar From Feminists" A National Seminar on Dr. B. R.Ambedkar's Vision on Indian Democracy, Constitutional Rights and Social Justice organized by Indian Social Institute - Bangalore & Indian Social Institute - New Delhi held at Bangalore on 17 - 18 April 2017.

  17. Chaired A session at a National Seminar on "Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's Vision on Democracy, Constitutional Rights and Social Justice" Organized by Indain Social Institute - Banagalore on 17th - 18th April 2017.

  18. "Current status of Dairy Industry with Reference to Animal Distribution, Milk Production and Consumption in Karnataka": A National Seminar on 'Assessment of the status of Dairying and Potential to Improve Socio-Economic Status of the Milk Producers in India: Special Focus on Eastern States of India' held at Agro-Economic Research Centre (Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India), Sardar Patel University, Anand (Gujarat), 16th-17th May 2017.

  19. Participated in 'Dr. B. R. Ambedkar International Conference - 2017, held in Bangalore, 21st -23rd July 2017

  20. "Agricultural Production, Trade and Food Security: A Comparitive Analysis of India and China": 'International Seminar on Economic Growth, Trade and Poverty Alleviation' organized by Sichuan Academy of Social Science - China, International Management Institute - India and Institute for Social and Economic Change - India on 12th to 15th September 2017.

  21. Participated as a Think Tank in workshop on "Social Justice and Empowerment Sector" organized by Government of Karnataka on 22nd - 28th September 2017.

  22. Attended a Workshop on "Capacity Building for Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)" organized by IEG - Delhi on 4th - 6th October 2017

  23. Participated in International conference on Unlocking "US - India Trade Potential", Bangalore, 6th - 8th November 2017.

  24. Chaired the session at a National Seminar on “Decentralization and Alternative Development: Exploring ideas from Gandhi and Kumarappa” at ISEC Bangalore. 30th November 2017.

  25. Caste Discrimination Practices in Rural Karnataka: XII National Sociological Conference Social Transition: Issues and Challenges, organized by Kannada University- Hampi on 31st Aug – 01st Sep 2018.

  26. “Agricultural production, trade and food security: A comparative analysis of India and China”: ‘Conference on Economic growth in India and China : Social and Economic Impacts’ organized by Institute for Social and Economic Change and Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) – Bangalore on 27th-28th September 2018.

  27. “Employment & Income Generation through MGNREGA: A case Study In Ammanallur GP in Kolar District in Karnataka”. A national Seminar on “Social Security in India: Issues, Challenges and Prospects” organized by Rani Chennamma University Belagavi on 27th & 28th November 2018.

  28. “Employment & Income Generation through MGNREGA: An Emperical analysis in two GPs in Karnataka”. A national Seminar on “Social Security in India: Issues, Challenges and Prospects” organized by Rani Chennamma University Belagavi on 27th & 28th November 2018.

Keynote Address
  1. ‘Baba Saheb Ambedkar Socio-Economic and Political Thoughts. Seminar held on the occasion of 117th Birthday Celebrations of Baba Saheb Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, Bangalore University. April 28-29, 2008.

  2. Seminar on Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s Contribution and Relevant to the Indian Society. Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore, April 30, 2008.

  3. National Workshop on `Sports: Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Caste Based Indian Society’. Sports Authority of India, Bangalore University, Bangalore, May 31, 2008.

  4. How Rural Migration Created a Urban Unrest in India, Fort College, November 15, 2009.

  5. Agricultural Workforce and Rural-Urban Change, Bangalore University, Department of MRDS, December 26, 2009.

  6. NREGA and its impact rural wages, Government First Grade College, Chikkaballapur, January 26, 2010.

  7. Special Economic Zones, Land Acquisitions and Displace, DRISTI, Co-operation with (ISEC) Karnataka State Level Consultation: On Dalit and Land Rights: Problems, Perspectives and the Hope at Indian Social Institute, Bangalore March 29-31, 2010.

  8. Evil Events in Modern India and Its Remedies, a Talk delivered at Oxford Pre University College, Ullal Main Road, Bangalore, 4th January 2013.

  9. Child and School, a Talk delivered at Nagasene Vidyalaya Sadashivanagara, Bangalore

  10. Importance of Village Studies, An address at the Capacity building Programme in Social Science Research, ISEC, Bangalore. 23 February 2013.

  11. “Field work Methodology and qualitative Research methodology and social science” held on 27/01/2014. ICSSR-Sponsored R.M. Course fro Ph.D scholar- Annamalai University (Tamil Nadu).

  12. Delivered speech to the Participants in Training Programme on 'Financial Inclusion, Agricultural Credit and Crop Insurance' Organized By MANAGE Hyderabad, 20th - 22nd February 2017.

  13. Delivered a Speech on "Rising Farmers Income: Role of Extension Services" in Workshop on 'Impact of Extension Education on Crop Productivity and Farmers Income in Karnataka' organized by ISEC, Bangalore on 31st August 2017.

  14. "One Decade of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA: Participatory Assessment and Way Forward" on 23/10/2017 in NIRDPR, Hyderabad.

Seminar Coordinator
  1. South Indian Cultural Exchange Programme between South Africa and India sponsored by ICSSR, held at Bangalore, in 1998.

  2. Participated as Chairperson at one-day State Level Seminar on “Global Financial Recession: Its Impact on various Spheres of the State Economy of Karnataka, sponsored by UGC on March 17, 2010 at Chiggaon.

  3. Organized two-day National workshop on “Rainfed Agriculture in India/Karnataka at ISEC, Bangalore, from 8,9 and 10th 2011. Organized National workshop on " Enhancing Farmer's Income and Welfare in Karnataka" in ISEC Bangalore on 24th - 5th June 2017.

  4. Students and Faculty from Department of Economics, Chowgule college - Goa has visited ISEC and Classes for them Coordinated by Dr. I Maruthi

  5. Organized a two-day National workshop on “Making Indian Agriculture Climate- Friendly” – ISEC Bangalore on 07th – 08th June 2018.

Interview on TV channel
  • Interview to 24 hours Kannada News Channel, Samaya, on MGNREGS, 25th August 2011 at ISEC, Bangalore-560 072.

  • Samay T.V. channel, invited as a Resource Person to talk on “Challenges before New Chief Minister, July 12, 2012.

Member in the board of committee
  • Member – The Board of Studies in Rural Development (UG and Management) for a period of three years, Bangalore University, Bangalore.

  • Member – to the Board of Examiners – Rural Development (UG) for a period of three years in S.L.N. Fort College, Bangalore.

I Maruthi
Professor, ADRTC
Institute for Social and Economic Change 
Nagarabhavi, Bangalore - 560 072, India. 
Tel. : 080-23215468, 23215519
Fax : 080-23217008
Email :
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