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I Maruthi




Professor, Agricultural Development and Rural Transformation Centre (ADRTC).

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Area of Specialisation

  • Rural Sociology
Academic Qualification

Ph D in Sociology – University of Poona, 1994
Title of the Thesis: Social Change Among Holeya Community: A Case Study of Bidar District (K.S.)

M Phil in Sociology – Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, 1989
Title of the Dissertation: Rite and Passage Among Holeya – A Case Study of Village Madakatti Taluk, Bhalki District, Bidar District.

Selected Publications


  • The Holeyas: A Study in Social Change. Mangalore: Mangala Publications, 2003.


  • Rural Development Programmes in Karnataka: People’s Perception. In S. M Jharwal, R.S Deshpande (eds), Glimpses of Indian Agriculture: Macro and Micro Aspects, Vol. 2, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2008.

  • "Marriage Customs Among Holeyas", Samaja Shodhana, Journal of the Mangalore Sociology Association, Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2000

  • "Weaker Section and Social Justice", Gandhian Perspectives – An Inter-disciplinary Journal of Social Sciences

  • Gandhian Philosophy of Social and Rural Development, Participative Development, 2004.

Recent Research Projects Completed
  • People’s Perception about Rural Development Programmes in Karnataka

  • From Tops Down to Bottoms Up: Institutional Reforms in Indian Surface Irrigation: Case Study of Karnataka

  • Sericulture in New Areas of Karnataka: A Case Study of Gulbarga District

  • Changes in Work Participation of Weaker Sections in Karnataka: A Study of Last Three Decades

  • Study for Estimation of Seed, feed and Waste Ratios for Major Foodgrains

I Maruthi
Professor, ADRTC
Institute for Social and Economic Change 
Nagarabhavi, Bangalore - 560 072, India. 
Tel. : 080-23215468, 23215519
Fax : 080-23217008
Email :
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