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Projects Completed


  • Institutional and Economic Analysis of Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation in the Indian Coffee Plantations (ICIMOD-SANDEE Project)
    - (Dr. A.V. Manjunatha)

  • Financial Inclusion and Gender: A Study of selected developing nations
    - (Prof Meenakshi Rajeev)

  • Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic and Dynamics of Online Learning in Primary Education in India
    - (Dr. Indrajit Bairagya and Dr. S. Manasi)

  • PIP Monitoring of 28 districts (9 districts of Karnataka, 16 districts of Telangana and 3 districts of Odisha)
    - (Dr. Lekha Subaiya Prof. C.M. Lakshmana Prof. T.S. Syamala)


  • State policy and access to social security among SC/ST households: A study of SC sub-plan and Tribal sub-plan in Karnataka
    - (Prof. D. Rajasekhar Dr. R. Manjula)

  • Financial flows in the rural-urban interface of Bengaluru-access to credit and its impacts
    - (Prof Meenakshi Rajeev)

  • Urban Governance and Local Democracy in Tamil Nadu and Kerala
    - (Dr. V. Anil Kumar)

  • Frontline Public Service Delivery Institutions in Karnataka: Recommendations for Improving Delivery of Services
    - (Prof. Kala S. Sridhar, Project Team: Ms. B.P. Vani Dr. Indrajit Bairagya)

  • Livelihood Uncertainty, Challenges and Strategies among Reverse North East Migrants during Covid-19 Pandemic
    - (Dr. Marchang Reimeingam)

  • Understanding State Civil Service Environs in a Comparative Perspective
    - (Prof. K. Gayithri)

  • Policies and Programmes of Karnataka Government in the last six months: Future impact
    - (Prof D Rajasekhar Prof Kala S Sridhar Prof I Maruthi Prof T S Syamala Dr S Manasi Dr Lekha Subaiya Dr Indrajit Bairagya Dr R Manjula)

  • Climate Change, Dynamics of Shifting Agriculture and Livelihood vulnerability in the North Eastern Region of India
    - (Niranjan Roy, AUS, Silichar, Assam University & Prof Sunil Nautiyal)

  • Carbon Footprint and Changing Lifestyles of Indian Households
    - (Prof. Sunil Nautiyal Dr. Mrinalini Goswami)

  • Economic Assessment of Forest Ecosystem Damages from Climate Stressors in Forestry Sector of Karnataka during 2015-2020
    - (Dr M Balasubramanian)

  • Governance Approach for Nutrition Security: A Case Study of Goa
    - (Dr. Malini L. Tantri, ISEC Dr. C. Nalin Kumar, Presidency University)

  • Endline Survey for Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Citizens
    - (Prof.S.Madheswaran and Ms. B.P. Vani)

  • Understanding State Civil Service Environs in a Comparative Perspective
    - (Prof. K. Gayithri Co-PI: Dr. Khalil Shah)

  • Ageing and receipt of care in India
    - (Dr Lekha Subaiya)

  • Implementation of NUHM in Karnataka: A study of the structure and coordination between State Health Department and Urban Local Bodies in Bangalore City
    - (Dr T S Syamala Dr Lekha Subaiya)

  • Impact of NUHM implementation on the health status, health care service delivery and OOPE of vulnerable population in urban Karnataka
    - (Dr Lekha Subaiya Dr T S Syamala)


  • Adolescent Marriages in India: Trends and Patterns
    - (Dr. T.S. Syamala & N.Kavitha)

  • Assessment of Feed and Fodder in all States/UTs – All India
    - (Prof. I. Maruthi)

  • Assessment of feed and fodder in all States/UTs-Karnataka
    - (Prof. I. Maruthi)

  • Assessment of Ratio of Different Products/Forms of Spices being Marketed – Study Based on
    Ginger and Turmeric – Karnataka
    - (Prof. I. Maruthi)

  • Children’s Migration and Health of their Older Parents in India
    - (Dr. T.S. Syamala & Madhu Bidari)

  • Climate resilient agriculture and socio-ecological sustainability: A case study
    - (Prof. Sunil Nautiyal)

  • Contraceptive use Among Young Women in India
    - (Dr. Lekha Subaiya)

  • Decentralisation and delivery of public services
    - (Prof. D.Rajasekhar and Dr. R. Manjula)

  • Deciphering Caste Discrimination in Indian Urban Labour Market: Estimating Wage and Employment Discrimination
    - (Prof. S Madheswaran Ms B P Vani)

  • Documentation and Evaluation of the SVEEP Intervention in Karnataka
    - (Prof. S.Madheswaran & Ms. B.P. Vani)

  • Documentation of People’s Bio-diversity Registers (PBRs) in Five Districts of Karnataka
    - (Prof. Sunil Nautiyal, and Dr. M. Balasubramanian)

  • Ecosystem Services and Human Wellbeing: Application of Sen’s Capability Approach
    - (Dr. M. Balasubramanian)

  • Effects of Urban Growth on Resource Degradation and its Impact on Environment: Issues and
    Challenges  in India
    - (Prof. C.M.Lakshmana)

  • Exploring wild edibles of the Male Mahadeshwara Betta (M M Hills) and their potential for the
    socio economic development of local people

    - (Prof. Sunil Nautiyal)

  • Factors Associated with Hypertension and Diabetes among Women in India
    - (Dr. Lekha Subaiya)

  • Female Headed-Households and Socio economic vulnerabilities in India: An Investigation
    - (
    Dr. T.S. Syamala)

  • Interest Subvention in Agriculture Credit: Does it serve the Purpose?
    - (Prof Meenakshi Rajeev and Ms B P Vani)

  • Jurgen Habermas and Critique of ideology
    - (Dr. V. Anil Kumar)

  • Lockdown Distress and Government Response: A Study in Rural Karnataka
    - (Prof. D.Rajasekhar and Dr. R. Manjula)

  • Mapping Civil Society Movements Inter-sectionality: Dalit, Women’s and Environmental Movements in Contemporary Karnataka
    - (Dr. V. Anil Kumar Co-PI: Dr. Ambuja Kumar Tripathy)

  • National Quality Assurance Standards Certification of Public Health facilities in Karnataka: Enablers and Barriers
    - (Dr LekhaSubaiya, Dr T S Syamala, Dr N Kavitha and Dr Prabhuswamy)

  • Perspectives on Covid-19 vaccination in India
    - (Dr T S Syamala Dr Lekha Subaiya)

  • Promoting Green Buildings to Combat Climate Change: A Study of Bengaluru
    - (Dr. S Manasi and Dr. Channamma Kambara)

  • Promoting Leadership Skills among the Children in Government Schools: Impact of Young Instructor Leaders Program, Agastya Foundation
    - (Dr. Indrajit Bairagya, Dr. S. Manasi and Dr. Channamma Kambara)

  • The Prevalence of Tuberculosis: A Comparative Study Across States in India
    - (Prof. C.M. Lakshmana)

  • Vulnerability of Diverse Communities to Climate Change in different Districts of Karnataka
    - (Dr. M. Balasubramanian)


  • Outlook on Agriculture
    - (Prof. Parmod Kumar)

  • Status of Central Sector Scheme of Gramin Bhandaran Yojana/Rural Godown Scheme: A Case Study Approach
    - (Dr. K.B. Ramappa)

  • Evaluation of Global Food Chains concerning Sustainability: Development of a Methodology and Case Studies of Indian Products with Swiss Target Market
    - (Prof. Parmod Kumar, Dr. A.V. Manjunatha and Dr.Mohin Shariff (UAS-B))

  • Swachh Bharat Mission in Karnataka: Status, Issues and Prospects
    - (Prof. D. Rajasekhar Dr. R. Manjula)

  • Integrating Air and Space-borne Spectroscopy and Laser Scanning to Assess Structural and Functional Characteristics of Crops and Field Margin Vegetation
    - (Prof. Sunil Nautiyal Co-PI: Prof. Meenakshi Rajeev)

  • Scaling up Apprenticeship Programme in Karnataka: Policy and Strategy Suggestions
    (Dr. K. Gayithri Team: Dr.Malini Tantri Prof.D.Rajasekhar)

  • India’s Changing Cityscapes: Work, Migration and Livelihoods
    - (Prof.Supriya Roy Chowdhury & Prof. Carol Upadhya, NIAS & Ms. B.P. Vani)

  • Kudubi Community in Karnataka: An Ethnographic Study
    - (Prof. Manohar Yadav)

  • Functioning of NCD Clinics: A Comparative Study in Selected Two Districts of Karnataka
    Prof.C.M.Lakshmana and Dr.C.Yogananda)

  • Assessment of Home Based New Born Care (HBNC) in Selected Districts of Karnataka
    (Dr. T.S. Syamala, Dr.LekhaSubaiya, Dr. P. Prabhuswamy, Dr.N.Kavitha)

  • PIP Monitoring in 10 districts of Karnataka, 5 districts of Arunachal Pradesh, 11 districts of Meghalaya, 2 districts of Puducherry, 2 districts of Sikkim and 5 districts of Manipur
    - (All PRC Staff )


  • A Comprehensive Study of the Issues of Coconut Production in Karnataka
    - (Prof. I. Maruthi)

  • A Study on Sustainable Financing for Urban Karnataka
    - (Prof. Kala Sridhar Dr. Manasi S.)

  • Breakeven Analysis in Dairy Farm Enterprises and Strategies for its Sustainable Growth under NDP-I – Karnataka State
    - (Dr. A.V. Manjunatha)

  • Citizenship and Marginality in Global Cities of India: A Study of Bawana Slum Resettlement Colony in Delhi
    - (PC: Dr. Ambuja Kumar Tripathy & Co-PC: Dr. Anil Kumar V.)

  • Climate Change and Efficiency of Urban Water Supply and Demand Management in Bangalore and New York Cities: A Comparative Study
    - (Prof. Krishna Raj)

  • Decentralization and Social Security: A Study of Single Window Service Centres for Unorganised Workers
    - (Prof. D Rajasekhar)

  • Economic Impact Evaluation of VARUNA MITRA on Agriculture
    - (Dr. A.V. Manjunatha)

  • Evaluation of Karnataka State Finances
    - (Prof. K. Gayithri Co-PI: Prof. M.G. Chandrakanth)

  • India’s Changing Cityscapes: Work, Migration and Livelihoods
    - (Supriya RoyChowdhury Carol Upadhya)

  • Impact Assessment and Evaluation of Fodder Seed Production and State Activities under National
    Dairy Plan-I, Karnataka State
    - (Dr. A.V. Manjunatha)

  • Impact Evaluation Study of National Horticulture Mission (NHM) and Horticulture Mission for
    North East and Himalayan States (HMNEH)
    (Dr. A.V. Manjunatha, Dr. K.B. Ramappa, Prof. I. Maruthi, Prof. Parmod Kumar)

  • Impact of Soil Health Scheme on Production, Productivity of Soil Health in India
    - (Dr. K.B. Ramappa, Dr.A.V. Manjunatha)

  • Incidence and Determinants of Hysterectomy in India
    - (Dr. T.S. Syamala)

  • Knowledge and Utilisation of Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram for Institutional Deliveries in the
    Public Health Institutions: A study in Chamarajanagara District of Karnataka
    - (Prof.C.M. Lakshmana)

  • North-East Migrants in Bangalore: Employability Issues, Challenges and Prospects
    - (Dr. Marchang Reimeingam)

  • Performance Audit on Management of Waste Water and Sanitary Installations (Toilets)
    in Bengaluru Metropolitan Area
    - (Dr. S. Manasi & Dr. Channamma Kambara)

  • Performance of Indigenous and Imported Seedlings of Oil Palm
    - (Prof. Parmod Kumar)

  • Performance of Indigenous and Imported Seedlings of Oil Palm (All India Consolidated Report)
    - (Prof. Parmod Kumar)

  • Preparing Road Map to Enhance Farmers Income and Welfare in Karnataka
    (PI: Prof. M.G. Chandrakanth & Dr. A.V. Manjunatha, Co-PIs: Prof. I.Maruthi, Dr.K.B. Ramappa,
    Prof.Krishna Raj, Dr.M. Bala-subramanian & Dr.Channamma Kambara

  • Price Volatility and major issues in demand and Supply Management of Onion in India
    - (Dr. A.V.Manjunatha Co-PIs: Dr.I. Maruthi & Dr. Khalil M S)

  • Public Health Infrastructure: A Study in Bagalkot District of Karnataka
    - (Prof. C.M. Lakshmana, Dr. P.S. Srinath and Prof. M.G. Chandrakanth)

  • Social Justice and Empowerment for the Nava Karnataka Vision 2025
    - (Prof. Krishna Raj)

  • Social Science Journals in India
    - (Dr A V Manjunatha Co-PI: Mr. B B Chand)

  • Theorizing Farm Non-farm Linkages in India
    - (Prof. Meenakshi Rajeev)

  • Work and Workers in the New Service Economy
    - (Prof Supriya RoyChowdhury & Ms B P Vani)


  • Adoption of Recommended Doses of Fertilizers on Soil Test Basis by Farmers in India (Consolidated Report)
    - (Dr. K B Ramappa and Dr Elumalai Kannan)

  • Coverage and Quality Data Captured by HMIS: A Facility Level Analysis in Karnataka
    - (Dr. T.S. Syamala and Dr. Lekha Subaiya)

  • Decision-Oriented Information System for Farmers: A Study of Kisan Call Centres (KCC) and Kisan
    Knowledge Management System (KKMS)
    - (Dr. I. Maruthi

  • Dynamics of Elderly Labour Force in India: Issues and Concerns
    (Dr. T.S. Syamala and Dr. Lekha Subaiya)

  • Evaluation of KHSDRP
    - (Prof. Manohar Yadav)

  • Global Ageing and Long Term Care Network (GAL Net)
    - (Dr. T.S. Syamala)

  • Impact of National Food Security Mission (NFSM) on Input Use, Production, Productivity and
    Income in India (Consolidated Report)
    - (Dr A V Manjunatha and Prof Parmod Kumar)

  • Impact of Soil Health Card Scheme on Production, Productivity and Soil Health in Karnataka
    - (Dr.K.B. Ramappa & Dr. A.V. Manjunatha)

  • Karnataka State Fiscal Transfers to Local Bodies: The Current Status and State’s Fiscal Capacity
    - (Prof. K. Gayithri)

  • Living Arrangements and Quality of Life of Older Women
    - (Dr. Lekha Subaiya)

  • Mapping of Farm and Non-farm Linkage in Rural India
    - (Prof. Meenakshi Rajeev)

  • Multi-dimensional Wellbeing: Conceptual, Methodological and Analytical Perspectives
    - (Prof.S Madheswaran Team: Prof. K S James; Ms. B P Vani, Dr. M Balasubramanian)

  • Nature, Extent and Implications of the Diploma Disease in India
    - (Dr. Indrajit Bairagya)

  • Role and Functions of ASHA Workers in Rural Karnataka: A Case Study
    - (Dr. T.S. Syamala)

  • Performance and Constraints in the Delivery of Core Functions: A Study of Taluk, Zilla and
    Grama Panchayats in Karnataka
    - (Prof. M. Devendra Babu, Prof. D.Rajasekhar Prof. N. Sivanna)

  • Performance Evaluation of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bhima Yojana (PMFBY)/Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme
    - (Dr. I. Maruthi

  • PIP Monitoring in Selected Districts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry.
    - (Dr. T.S. Syamala Prof. C.M. Lakshmana Dr. Lekha Subaiya and All PRC Staff)

  • Research and Development (R&D) in Preventive and Therapeutic Healthcare in India:
    Implications for Public Health
    - (Dr. Sobin George)

  • Sources of Funding for Social Science Research in India: Flows, Adequacy and Priorities
    - (Prof. K Gayithri Dr. Indrajit Bairagya)

  • State Panchayat Raj Report and Devolution Index Report – 2016-17: The Case of Goa State
    - (Prof. M.Devendra Babu)

  • The Disabled Persons and their Educational Status: State-wise Comparisons in India
    - (Prof. C.M. Lakshmana)

  • The Story of an Indian Metropolis Revisited
    - (Prof. Kala S. Sridhar)

  • Urbanization of Agricultural Land, Fodder and Dairy Production, and Resource Use Efficiency at
    the Rural-Urban Interface in India (2016)
    - (Prof. Sunil Nautiyal)

  • Will Bengaluru become smart or liveable?
    - (Prof. Kala S Sridhar and Dr. S Manasi)


  • Construction of Youth Development Index
    - (Prof.S Madheswaran Ms B P Vani)

  • Changing Consumption Pattern in India: Opportunities for Diversification towards High Value
    Commodities through Production and Marketing Linkages
    - (Prof P.G. Chengappa)

  • Farmer Suicides in India (Coordinated Study)
    - (Dr. A.V. Manjunatha & Dr. K.B. Ramappa)

  • Farmers’ Suicides in Karnataka
    - (Dr. A.V. Manjunatha & Dr. K.B. Ramappa)

  • Financial Viability and Sustainability of Old age Pension Scheme for Building and other Construction Workers in Karnataka
    - (Prof. M.R.Narayana)

  • Impact of Education and Employment on the Economy of Scheduled Tribes of North-East India
    - (Dr Marchang Reimeingam)

  • Impact of Neem Coated Urea on Production, Productivity and Soil Health in India
    - (Dr. K.B. Ramappa & Dr. A.V. Manjunatha)

  • Impact of Neem Coated Urea on Production, Productivity and Soil Health in Karnataka
    - (Dr. K.B. Ramappa & Dr. A.V. Manjunatha)

  • Land Use Change and Soil Fertility
    - (Prof Sunil Nautiyal)

  • Knowledge of Attitude of Family Planning Methods: A Comparative Analysis in Selected States
    - (Dr. C.M. Lakshmana)

  • PIP Monitoring in 7 Districts of Karnataka and 3 districts of Andhra Pradesh
    - (All PRC Staff)

  • Rice Strategy for India
    - (Dr. Manjunatha A.V.)

  • Skill Development Policy for Karnataka
    - (Prof. D. Rajasekhar)

  • Slum Governance in Karnataka: Trends, Issues and Roadmap (Status paper)
    - (Prof S. Madheswaran and Ms. B.P. Vani)

  • Trade, Gender and Food Security with a Special reference to Tea Plantation in the Nilgiris
    - (Dr Malini L Tantri)

  • Urban Governance Policy and Planning in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
    - (Dr Anil Kumar V.)

  • Value Chains for Sustainable Conservation, Integrated Development and Livelihoods Promotion: An Application to Butterfly Farming in India
    - (Dr. A.V.Manjunatha)


  • A Philosophy of Action: Hannah Arendt and Modernity
    - (Dr Anil Kumar V)

  • Accounting for Urban Eco-System Services: A Case Study of Bangalore
    - (Dr M Balasubra-manian)

  • Advancements in Social Science knowledge production: Approaches, Paradigms and Practices.
    - (Dr Sobin George and Dr Lingaraju)

  • Ageing and Well-being in a Globalised World
    (Prof K S James Dr T S Syamala and Dr Lekha Subaiya)

  • Assessing Quality of Civil Registration System (CRS) data at the district level on a regular basis for facilitating updating exercise of National Population Register (NPR)
    - (Prof K S James Dr P M Kulkarni of JNU, New Delhi)

  • Assessment of Socio-Economic Capabilities of Dalit Households in Karnataka
    - (Dr I Maruthi)

  • Bengaluru Region Finances: A Design for Restructuring
    - (Prof. K. Gayithri and Prof. S. Madheswaran)

  • Beneficiary Assessment of Project Villages in Yadgir District: An Impact Study
    - (Dr N. Sivanna)

  • Discrimination and Patterns of Health seeking Behavior of Dalit and Muslim Communities in
    selected villages of Karnataka
    - (Dr Sobin George)

  • District Human Development Report of Ramanagara
    - (Dr M Devendra Babu)

  • Documentation of Success Stories of Food Processing Units in Karnataka
    (Dr I Maruthi)

  • Evaluation Programme, 2013-14 of Karnataka State Literacy Mission Authority
    - (Dr I Maruthi)

  • Family Planning and Women’s work Participation in India
    - (Dr T N Bhat)

  • Food Security in India: The Interactions of Climate Change, Economics, Politics and Trade
    - (Dr A.V. Manjunatha & Prof P.G. Chengappa)

  • Functioning of AYUSH Centres in Karnataka: An Overview
    - (Dr. C.M. Lakshmana)

  • Gender and Life Vulnerability: Study of Women Health from Gender Perspective
    - (Prof R Mutharayappa and Dr K C Channamma)

  • Health Insurance for the Poor and Elderly: Is RSBY the Answer?
    - (Prof Meenakshi- Rajeev & Ms. B.P. Vani)

  • Institutions, Governance and Development: A Study of Selected Grama Panchayats in Karnataka
    - (Prof. D. Rajasekhar & Dr. M. Devendra Babu)

  • Pathways to Sanitation: Growing Challenges and Access to Urban Poor: A Study of Bangalore City
    - (Dr S Manasi)

  • Pilot testing of the TGI indicator toolkit in Karnataka
    - (Prof Kala S. Sridhar)

  • Prioritizing Climate Smart Technologies in Madhya Pradesh
    - (Dr Barun Deb Pal)

  • Socio-Economic Analysis of Bangalore–Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Project
    - (Dr Krishna Raj)

  • Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of Living Micro Organisms (LMOs)
    - (Dr A.V. Manjunatha)

  • Spatial Inequality of Urban Growth in Karnataka: Trends, Levels and Implications
    - (Dr C M Lakshmana)

  • Subsidy support calculator Framework (Part of Micro Irrigation Policy Implementation Roadmap)
    - (Dr A.V. Manjunatha)

  • The Relationship between Wholesale Prices, Retail Prices, Export Prices and Prices Realized by
    the Farmers for Onion and Grapes in Karnataka
    - (Dr Parmod Kumar)

  • Universal Old Age Pension in India: Estimates of Economic Demand, Public Cost and Financing Options
    - (Prof M.R.Narayana)

  • Value Chain Analysis of Tomato Marketing Systems in Karnataka
    - (Dr Ramappa, K.B. & Dr Manjunatha A.V.)


  • A Study on Female Street Vendors in Bangalore City
    - (Prof R Mutharayappa and Dr K C Channamma)

  • Adoption of Recommended Doses of Fertilizers on Soil Test Basis by Farmers in Karnataka
    - (Dr.K.B.Ramappa and Dr.Elumalai- Kannan)

  • Assessment of Pre- and Post-Harvest Losses of Important Crops in India
    - (Dr Elumalai Kannan, Prof Parmod Kumar)

  • Bangalore City Surveys-2
    - (Prof Kala S Sridhar and Dr S Manasi)

  • Comprehensive District Agricultural Planning: Capacity Building and Process Monitoring
    - (Dr M J Bhende, Prof N Sivanna, Dr M Devendra Babu)

  • District Human Development Report of Chikballapura,
    - (Dr M Devendra Babu)

  • District Human Development Report for Davanagere,
    - (Prof N Sivanna)

  • Educated Unemployment in India: Causes, Consequences and Remedies,
    - (Dr Indrajit Bairagya)

  • Enabling tribal communities to improve Livelihoods and Enhance Biodiversity Conservation: Scientific and Technological Interventions for Sustainable Ecosystem Development in BR Hills, Western Ghats
    - (Prof Sunil Nautiyal)

  • Environmental Governance in India: An Empirical Study of Urban Landscape and Regional Levels
    - (Prof K V Raju and Dr S Manasi)

  • Evaluation Study on Impact and Advantages of Various Services with a Particular Focus on the Help Desk initiated by KSNDMC
    (Dr Aditya Chavali and Dr V Ramaswamy)

  • Evaluation of Karnataka State Finances
    - (Prof K Gayithri, Prof Meenakshi Rajeev, Dr Devendra Babu and Dr Barun Deb Pal)

  • Financial Exclusion in Urban Regions
    - (Prof Meenakshi Rajeev and Ms B P Vani)

  • Globalization and India: Issues on Regional Disparity, Industrial Development, Sectoral Performance, Trade and Environment
    - (Prof Meenakshi Rajeev, Prof R S Deshpande and Dr Sunil Nautiyal)

  • Globalization, Democratic Politics and Inclusive Governance: Experiences from India,
    - (Prof S N Sangita)

  • Governance Reforms in Infrastructure in India: Initiatives and Outcomes
    - (Prof S N Sangita)

  • Impact of National Food Security Mission (NFSM) on Input Use, Production, Productivity and Income: A Case Study in Karnataka,
    - (Dr. A.V. Manjunatha and Prof. Parmod Kumar)

  • India-Canada Pulses Trade: Prospects and Challenges
    - (Dr Elumalai Kannan)

  • Institutional Structure and Performance of Agriculture in North-East India
    - (Dr Komol Singha)

  • Impact Evaluation of Bhoochetana Programme in Karnataka
    - (Dr Elumalai Kannan & Dr K B Ramappa)

  • Impact Assessment of Prime Minister’s Rehabilitation Package for Farmers in Suicide-Prone Districts of Karnataka (PMRP)
    - (Dr M J Bhende)

  • Livelihoods, Vulnerability and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Variability and Change: A Bottom up Approach to Simulate the Climate Change Impacts in Two Sensitive Ecological Regions (Biodiversity Hotpots) of India
    - (Dr Sunil Nautiyal Dr K S Rao, Botany Dept, Delhi Univ. and Prof. K V Raju)

  • Migrant’s Suitcase: Examining the Flow of Norms, Identity and Social Capital between India and Netherlands
    - (Prof K S James)

  • Monitoring of SSA in Karnataka
    - (Dr K S Umamani, Dr M Lingaraju and Dr Indrajit Bairagya)

  • Monitoring of SSA-RTE in Karnataka Period: Nov 2014 to March 2015
    - (Dr K S Umamani – Nodal Officer, Dr M Lingaraju and Dr Indrajit Bairagya)

  • Non-tariff Barriers in Trade Supply Chain between India and Sri Lanka
    - (Dr Barun Deb Pal)

  • PIP Monitoring is 12 Districts (2 districts in Karnataka and 10 districts in Jharkhand),
    - (Dr. C.M. Lakshmana)

  • Quality of Reporting HMIS Data at the Sub-District Level in Karnataka: A Study
    - (Dr. C.M. Lakshmana)

  • Status of Environmental Education (EE) at School Level – A Case Study of Bangalore City
    - (Dr K S Umamani)

  • Tariff Fixation for the Bangalore Metro Rail Project
    - (Dr Barun Deb Pal and Ms B P Vani)

  • Towards Improving Urban Sanitation in Karnataka – Understanding the Performance and Benefits of Constructing Private Toilets under INFOSYS Foundation Assisted Project
    - (Dr S Manasi and Dr Sunil Nautiyal)

  • Trade Facilitation and Trade Performance: An Appraisal in the context of India’s select SEZs
    - (Dr Malini L Tantri)

  • WHO-Sage India “Study on Global Ageing and Adult Health in India – Wave 2 2015 for the State of Karnataka
    - (Dr C M Lakshmana)


  • A comprehensive study on the status of scheduled caste in Karnataka, Planning Dept, GoK.
    – (Prof. Manohar S Yadav)

  • Adolescent Child bearing and its Effect on Maternal and Child Health
    – (Prof. R Mutharayappa)

  • Assessing the Environmental Burden of Disease of Air Pollution: A Case Study of Two Metropolitan Cities – Bangalore and Hyderabad
    - (Dr Syed Ajmal Pasha)

  • Baseline Data on Area, Production and Productivity of Horticulture Crops in North East and Himalayan States
    - (Dr. Komol Singh and Dr. P.Thippaiah)

  • Demographic and Health Study in and around the BARC Project site at Challakere, Chitradurga
    - (Dr. K S Umamani).

  • Eco-diversity study in and around the BARC Project site at Challakere, Chitradurga District, Karnataka”, sponsored by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mysore,
    - (Coordinator: Dr. Sunil Nautiyal )

  • Ecology and Culture: Water and Scriptures
    - (Coordinators: Prof. K V Raju and Dr. S Manasi)

  • Enabling tribal communities to improve livelihoods and enhance biodiversity conservation: Scientific and technological interventions for sustainable ecosystem development in BR Hills, Western Ghats, sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India,
    - (Principal Investigator: Dr. Sunil Nautiyal.)

  • Environmental Governance in India: An empirical study of urban landscape and regional levels.
    - (Coordinators: Prof. K V Raju and Dr. S Manasi)

  • Estimation of Pre and Post Harvest Losses of Important Crops in India,
    - (Elumalai Kannan)

  • Evaluation of Karnataka State Finances
    – (Prof. K Gayithri, Prof Meenakshi Rajeev, Dr Devendra Babu and Dr Barun Deb Pal)

  • Evaluation Study on Impact and Advantages of Various Services with Particular Focus on the Help Desk initiated by KSNDMC
    - (Dr Aditya Chavali and Dr V Ramaswamy)

  • Evaluation Study of Saakshar Bharath Programme in Karnataka
    - (Dr Aditya Chavali)

  • Improving Access to Social Security Benefits among Unorganized Workers - GTZ - German Development
    - (Prof D Rajasekhar)

  • Improving the delivery of Social Security Benefits in Karnataka,
    - (Prof D Rajasekhar)

  • India and Globalization: Regional Disparities, Industrial Development and Inclusive Growth
    - (Prof Meenakshi Rajeev, Prof R S Deshpande and Dr Sunil Nautiyal)

  • Land Policy and Administration, sponsored by The World Bank,
    - (Coordinators: Dr. Manasi. S; Dr. R.G. Nadadur; Prof. P.G. Chengappa; Prof. N. Sivanna)

  • Livelihood Security through Financial Access (An Assessment of VIRF-IDF Poverty Alleviation)
    - (Dr Veerashekharappa and Ms B P Vani)

  • Manipur’s Acculturation to Korean,
    - (Dr Marchang Reimeingam)

  • Monitoring of PIP on Monthly Basis in the Districts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
    - (Prof K S James and PRC Team)

  • Problems and Prospects of Sunflower Production in Karnataka
    - (Dr Komol Singha and Prof Parmod Kumar)

  • Socio-Economic Analysis of Increasing Resilience of Coffee Production to LRD
    - (Prof M R Narayana)

  • Socio-Economic Vulnerability Profile Development at the District and Block (Taluk) Levels for Karnataka
    - (Dr K V Raju)

  • Third Party Evaluation Study of VGST Programmes
    - (Dr Aditya Chavali)


  • A comparative Study of the Health Insurance Schemes in Karnataka, Planning Dept, GoK
    - D Rajasekhar

  • A Study on Women’s Autonomy and Fertility Preference in Karnataka
    - Dr R Mutharayappa

  • Agrarian Change and Farm Sector Distress: An Exploratory Study
    - Elumalai KannanR S Deshpande

  • Baseline Survey of Villages in Yadgir District for Planning CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Projects
    - Dr N Sivanna and Prof Siddharth Swaminathan

  • Building Knowledge Base on Ageing in India: A Series of Programmatic and Research Studies
    - K S James, Lekha Subaiya, Dhananjay W Bansod

  • Child Labour Survey in Haveri District
    - V Anil Kumar

  • Evaluation of the Devadasi Rehabilitation Programme
    - V Ramaswamy

  • Evaluation of Housing Scheme for Devadasis under Devadasi Rehabilitation Programme
    - V Ramaswamy

  • Evaluation Study on Conservation of Magadi Fort, undertaken by the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums
    - Veerashekarappa

  • Evaluation Study on Western Ghats Development Programme
    - Sunil Nautiyal

  • Hulling and Milling Ratio in major Paddy growing States
    - Komol Singha

  • Inequalities in Access to Healthcare in Brazil and India: Closing the Gap for the Poorest-poor
    - K S James, Lekha Subaiya

  • Impact of MGNREGA on Wage Rate Food Security and Rural Urban Migration
    - Prof Parmod Kumar

  • Political Regimes, Governance and Social Security in Four Southern States
    - S N Sangita and Anil Kumar V

  • Population and Development Transition in Southern States of India
    - C M Lakshmana

  • Preparation of State Agricultural Profile of Karnataka
    - M J Bhende

  • Quality of HMIS Data: A Study of Chamarajnagar and Udupi Districts in Karnataka
    - K S James, T N Bhat, C M Lakshmana, Dhananjay W Bansod

  • Real-Time Classroom Sharing of Urban and Rural Schools with dedicated Wireless Network: An Exploratory Survey in Karnataka for Assessing Preparedness of School System
    - M D Usha Devi and K N Sridhar Rao

  • Study Report on considering Women candidates for the post of Care-Assistant Lineman in KPTCL/BESCOMs
    - M D Usha Devi

  • Tata Coffee Ltd: Human Development Report of Plantation Workers
    - Syed Ajmal Pasha

  • Trade and Marginalisation: Review of Probable Impacts of FDI in Retail Sector on Marginalized
    Communities in India
    - Dr Sobin George

  • Urban Governance and Planning in Karnataka
    - V Anil Kumar

  • Valuing Eco-tourism in Bandipura and Nagarahole National Parks: Estimating Recreational Benefits by using Travel Cost and Contingent Valuation Methods
    - Dr Krishna Raj


  • A Study on Child Labour in Bangalore Urban District of Karnataka
    R Mutharayappa

  • A study on nutrition and childhood diseases in Karnataka
    R Mutharayappa

  • An Analysis of the Quality of HMIS Data in Karnataka: An Investigation using Portal and
    Field Data Sponsors: MHFW, GoI
    - K S James, T N Bhat,
    R Mutharayappa, C M Lakshmana, Dhananjay W Bansod

  • Competitive Assessment of Onion Markets in India
    - R S Deshpande, P G Chengappa

  • Baseline study of Flora Fauna at Proposed Uranium Mining Site at Gogi, Gulbarga District, Karnataka
    - Sunil Nautiyal

  • Contours of Elite and Programme Capture in Karnataka
    - D Rajasekhar, M Devendra Babu

  • Economics of Fodder Cultivation and its Processing and Marketing: Karnataka and a consolidated Study
    - Elumalai Kannan

  • Engendering Governance: A Study of Gendered Governance in Bihar, Rajasthan and Karnataka
    N Sivanna, K G Gayathridevi

  • Impact Study of the National Horticulture Mission Scheme – Karnataka State
    - Parmod Kumar

  • Implementation of Revival Package for STCCS – Andhra Pradesh
    Veerasekharappa, Meenakshi Rajeev

  • Implementation of Revival Package for STCCS – Bihar
    Veerasekharappa, Meenakshi Rajeev

  • Implementation of Revival Package for STCCS – Madhya Pradesh
    - Veerasekharappa, Meenakshi Rajeev

  • Kodava Identity and Culture
    - Manohar S Yadav

  • Market Integration of Major Agricultural Markets in India/Karnataka
    - M J Bhende

  • Migration, Informal Work and Welfare: A Policy Perspective on Urban Deprivation in Karnataka’s Cities
    Supriya RoyChowdhury, K S James, N Sivanna, B P Vani

  • Monitoring of SSA & MDM Implementation, 2012” in Bagalakote, Bangalore (south), Bangalore (North),
    Bijapur, Gulbarga and Yadgir: Phase IV
    - M D Usha Devi

  • Policy and Institutional options for inclusive agricultural growth
    - R S Deshpande, Elumalai Kannan

  • Programme of Subsidy (Incentives) for Value Based Quality Films in Karnataka: An Impact Assessment
    G K Karanth

  • Results Framework Document: A Rapid Appraisal
    - K Gayithri

  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana Monitoring in Belgaum/Chikkodi, Chamarajanagar, Haveri, Ramanagara and Uttara Kannada Districts
    - M D Usha Devi

  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana Monitoring in Bellary, Dakshina Kannada, Koppala, Shimoga and Udupi
    districts – Third Phase
    - M D Usha Devi

  • Study on Framework for assessing performance and outcome monitoring of schemes / programs
    implemented by GoK
    - K Gayithri

  • Study on Government Subsidies in Karnataka
    - K Gayithri, R S Deshpande, Parmod Kumar, M D Usha Devi, K S James,S Madheswaran,  Elumalai Kannan, S Manasi, Bhibuprasad, Lenin Babu

  • Sub-National Estimation of MDG Indicators: An Analysis of Two States with Differential Quality of Data and orientation Programme for Senior Level Officials
    - K S James, T S Syamala, Dhananjay W Bansod

  • Quality and Sustainability of SHGs in Karnataka
    - Meenakshi Rajeev, B P Vani,

  • Women Presidents and Women Representatives in the Grama Panchayats of Karnataka
    Anand Inbanathan


  • An Evaluation Study on various programmes/schemes implemented at various Coir Production Centres.
    - C Nanjundaiah

  • Civil Society and Governance in Karnataka and AP
    - V Anil Kumar

  • Comprehensive District Development Plan (CDDP) 4 District Plans (Tumkur, DK, Mandya and Kodagu Districts)
    - M J BhendeM Devendra Babu

  • Comprehensive District Development Plan (C-DDP) (Bagalkot District)
    - S Erappa

  • Desertification Vulnerability Index Model: A Study of Bellary District, Karnataka
    - G S Sastry

  • Determinants of Stagnation in Productivity of Important Crops
    - Elumalai Kannan

  • Evaluation of Udyogini Scheme in Karnataka
    - K G Gayathridevi, S Erappa

  • Impact of NREGS on Wage Rates, Food Security and Rural Urban Migration with All-India Coverage: Karnataka and a consolidated Study
    - Parmod Kumar, I maruthi

  • Infertility in India: Its Levels, Trends, Determinants and Impact on Family and Fertility
    - T S Syamala

  • Migration from North-Eastern Region: A Study of Educated Youth from NER in Bangalore and Delhi
    - M D Usha Devi

  • Population Pressure and Environmental Degradation: Regional Study for India Karnataka
    - C M Lakshmana

  • Preparation of Comprehensive District Development Plan for Chickaballapura District (CDDP-Chickaballapura Project)
    - D Rajasekhar, M Devendra Babu

  • Prime Minister’s Rehabilitation Package for the Farmers in Suicide Prone Districts of AP, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra
    - Dr M J Bhende, P Thippaiah

  • Review of Developmental Programmes and Schemes of the Departments of Forest, Ecology and Environment.
    - Sunil Nautiyal

  • Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana (SSA) Monitoring in Bangalore Rural, Chikmagalore, Chitradurga, Kodagu and Tumkur Districts
    - M D Usha Devi

  • State Budgetary Resources and Agriculture Development
    - G B Lokesh, Kedar Vishnu

  • State Level Health Budget and Expenditure Tracking System: Karnataka
    - K Gayithri

  • Study on Review of Developmental Programmes and Schemes of the Department of Cooperation and Agricultural Marketing
    - Elumalai Kannan

  • Study on Women Empowerment and Violence Against Women in Karnataka
    - R Mutharayappa

  • Teaching Family Life Education in Schools: A Study of Community Perceptions in India
    - T N Bhat

  • The impact of Forest Coffee Certification Schemes on the socio-economic sustainability: Case studies from Nicaragua, India and Ethiopia
    - Bibhu Prasad Nayak

  • The Impact of Macro Management of Agriculture : Schemes in Karnataka Project
    - Komol Singha


  • Caste discrimination in the Indian urban labour market: Methodological developments and empirical evidence
    - S Madheswaran

  • Child Poverty Among Social and Economic Groups in India
    - B P Vani

  • Climate change, Agriculture, Poverty and Livelihoods: A status report
    - K N Ninan

  • Comprehensive District Development Plan (CDDP) Jajpur District District (Orissa State)
    - Bibhu Prasad Nayak, R S Deshpande

  • Comprehensive District Agricult-ural Plan (C-DAP) (Karnataka State) 29 District Plans and 1 State Plan
    - R S Deshpande, M J Bhende

  • Demographic Change and Familial Relationship in India
    - K S James

  • Evaluation of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures of Uruguay Round on Supply Chain: A Study on Tea Sector of Nilgiri region of South India
    - K V Raju, K Lenin Babu

  • Formative Evaluation of the Process and Implementation of the Management Development Programme
    - M D Usha Devi

  • Forest Resources and Economic Growth: An Enquiry into the Growth Linkages of Forest Cover in Indian States
    - Bibhu Prasad Nayak, Sunil Nautiyal

  • Independent Budgeting and Planning at District Level
    - V Anil Kumar, S N Sangita

  • Male Involvement in Reproductive Health: Evidence from NFHS-3 and DLHS-2
    - R Mutharayappa

  • Magnitude and Dimensions of Child Labour: A Study of Raichur Taluk in Karnataka
    - D Rajasekhar, R Manjula

  • Preparation of Comprehensive District Development Plan for Bangalore Rural District (CDDP-Bangalore Rural Project)
    - D Rajasekhar, M Devendra Babu

  • Prime Minister’s Rehabilitation Package for the farmers in Suicide-prone districts of AP, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra
    - M J Bhende, P Thippaiah

  • Rapid Appraisal of Critical Compo-nents of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) in Karnataka
    - K S James and other faculty

  • Revenues of Grama Panchayats in Karnataka, GoK
    - D Rajasekhar

  • School Meal Programme in Primary Schools: A Study of Delivery and Outcomes of School Meal Programme by Akshaya Patra Foundation
    M D Usha Devi

  • The Impact of Integrated Child Development Services on Maternal and Child Health
    - M Sivakami

  • Urban influence on rural and peri-urban landscapes: Socio-economic and Ecological perspective
    - Sunil Nautiyal, K G Gayathridevi, Bibhu Prasad Nayak

  • Utilization of Reservation for Scheduled Tribes in Karnataka: A Critical Analysis
    - Manohar S Yadav, V Ramaswamy


  • A study on global Ageing and Adult Health
    - K S James and C M Lakshmana

  • Construction of National Transfer Accounts for India
    - M R Narayana and L Ladusingh

  • Economic Reforms and Political Decentralisa-tion: A Study of some selected state during post reform period, Sponsored by: ISEC
    - V Anil Kumar

  • Effects of Population Growth on Environmental Degradation with reference to India
    - C M Lakshmana

  • Electricity Pricing in Karnataka: An Analysis
    - K N Ninan

  • Functioning of NRHM in a Specific Rural Context in Karnataka: An Appraisal
    - K S Umamani

  • Globalisation and Employment:  Survey of Women Workers in Bangalore’s RMG Industry,
    - Supriya RoyChowdhury

  • Human (Administrative) Resources, Governance and Public Service Delivery in Karnataka
    - S N Sangita

  • Local welfare in a Global context: Slums and Urban Welfare in Karnataka’s Development
    Supriya RoyChowdhury

  • Managing Common Pool Resources for Poverty Reduction in Tribal Areas of Eastern India
    - R S Deshpande

  • Strategy and Methodology for improved IWRM – An Integrated Interdisciplinary Assessment in Four Twinning River Basins
    K V Raju and S Manasi

  • Sustainable Agriculture Development through Organic Farming in Karnataka
    S Erappa

  • To create content and learning modules for a mobile ecology laboratory
    - K V Raju and K Lenin Babu


  • A study of Karnataka schemes and policies for rural develop-ment, poverty alleviation and employment generation
    - M Devendra Babu

  • A study on morbidity pattern and cost of illness in Karnataka
    - R Mutharayappa

  • A study of school factors influencing attainments of class IV students in Karnataka State
    - A S Seetharamu

  • Assessing micro-finance needs of vulnerable groups
    - D Rajasekhar

  • Affordability of water supply services by grama panchayats in Karnataka
    - D Rajasekhar

  • Awareness of HIV/AIDS in Karnataka: Analysis of RCH-II Data
    - K S Umamani

  • Decentralized Governance and Child Labour
    - D Rajasekhar

  • Demographic transition and economic development in Kerala: The role of emigration
    - K S James

  • Determinants of maternal health care services: A regional analysis in Karnataka
    - M Sivakami

  • Freedom mortgaged and future aban-doned: Bonded child labour in Karnataka’s Silk Industry
    G K Karanth

  • Gender differentials in health among children in Karnataka
    - T S Syamala

  • Hariyali guidelines and watershed development: The role of panchayats in the implementation process
    - N Sivanna

  • Income, in-quality & mortality: An empirical investigation of the relationship in India
    - K S James
    T S Syamala

  • India’s agricultural trade in post-liberalisation period: A review of some issues
    Dhanmanjiri Sathe, R S Deshpande

  • Intellectual Property Rights and Proteciton of Indigenous Environmental Knowledge: Theoretical and Policy Perspectives
    C Nanjundaiah

  • Micro initiatives for macro policy
    - R S Deshpande

  • Mid-Term appraisal of DBT-RBRC project implemented by University of Agricultural Sciences
    - R S Deshpande

  • Monitoring of DLHS-3 Survey
    - K S James

  • Pre-service secondary teacher education for secondary stage education in emerging diverse education context in Karnataka/India
    - M D Ushadevi

  • Role of NGOs in the prevention of HIV in Karnataka
    - C S Veeramatha

  • Study for estimation of seed, feed and waste ratios for major food grains
    - R S Deshpande

  • Tank systems in the Mid-Godavari Basin – Valuation of ecological, economic and social services
    - K V Raju

  • The performance of SHGs-Bank linkage programme in India: A comparative study of Karnataka and Gujarat
    - Veerashekarappa, H S Shylendra

  • Trends and patterns of migration: Interface with education: A case of the North Eastern Region
    - U A Shimray and M D Usha Devi

  • Urban water supplies: Emerg-ing alternatives – case study of the extent of ground water use and its implications in Hubli, Dharwad and Belgaum cities
    - K V Raju

  • Viable entrepreneurial trades for women in agriculture
    - M Mahadeva


  • Changing child population and health care infrastructure in Karnataka
    - C M Lakshmana

  • District planning process: Evidence from Karnataka
    - M Devendra Babu

  • Drinking water supply and rural institutions in Karantaka: A study from rights perspective
    - V Anil Kumar

  • Fuelling fire or dampening the flames? Conflict management by Karnataka’s Grama Panchayats
    - K G Gayathri Devi

  • India’s export of selected BPO services: Under-standing strengths and weaknesses
    - Meenakshi Rajeev and B P Vani

  • Institutional design for elimination of child labour: A study of State initiatives of eradication of child labour in Karnataka
    - D Rajasekhar

  • Lifestyle and health of the elderly in Karnataka
    - R Mutharayappa

  • Micro Initiatives for Macro Policy
    - R S Deshpande

  • Performance of elementary education in Karnataka as revealed through Census Illiteracy Data
    - M D UshaDevi

  • Role of market based instruments in industrial pollution abatement: A comparative study of India and France
    - G S Sastry

  • Social capital and participative public service delivery: with special reference to self regulatory authorities
    - S N Sangita

  • The practice of untouchability: An analysis of its contextual variations
    - Manohar Yadav

  • Water pricing and productivity – a review of evidences with special reference to India
    - K N Ninan


  • Agricultural Policy in India: A Policy Matrix in a Federal System
    - R S Deshpande

  • Contract Farming in Karnataka: A Boon or A Bane
    - S Erappa

  • Effectiveness of Micro-Finance in Alleviating Vulnerability to Debt Bondage in Andhra Pradesh
    - D Rajasekhar

  • Growing Rural-Urban Disparity
    - D Rajasekhar

  • Production and Cost of Broiler Meat: A Case Study of Karnataka
    M J Bhende

  • Cultivation of Medicinal Crops and Aromatic Crops as a Means of Diversification in Agriculture
    - R S Deshpande

  • Education and Development - An Inter-State Analysis in India
    - A S Seetharamu

  • Eleventh Finance Commission's Grants for Administrative Upgradation (Infrastructure) and Service Delivery: An Evaluation of Regulatory and Financial Departments in Karnataka
    - S N Sangita


  • A Comprehensive Study on the status of Beedi Industry in Karnataka
    - S Madheswaran, D Rajasekhar and
    K G Gayithri Devi

  • Consumers' Demand for Telecom Services in Karnataka and Goa
    M R Narayana

  • Decentralisation and Employment Generation: A Study of SGSY Program
    D Rajasekhar

  • Decentralised Governance, Representation, and People's Participation: The Panchayats of Kerala
    Anand Inbanathan

  • Design and Management of Social Security Benefits in Karnataka State: An Exploratory Study
    - D Rajasekhar, G K Karanth, and
    S Madeshwaran

  • Evaluation of Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana (PMRY) in Karnataka
    - R S Deshpande, M J Bhende and
    P Thippaiah

  • Floriculture in Karnataka: Performance, Problems and Prospects
    P Thippaiah

  • Functioning of Scanning Centres in Karnataka
    - M Sivakami and
    T S Syamala

  • Human Development, Environment-Policy Nexus in India
    - G K Kadekodi and
    L Venkatachalam

  • Institutional Alternatives for Participatory Natural Resource Management: Lessons from User-Groups Self-Initiatives in Forest Conservation
    - Madhushree Sekher, Madhu Verma

  • Investment Attractiveness of States and Sectors: Manufacturing in India
    - S Bhide, B P Vani and H K Amar Nath

  • Investment Subsidy to Tourism Industry in Karnataka: An Evaluation
    L Venkatachalam

  • Karnataka Public Enterprise Reform Programme
    Meenakshi Rajeev

  • Labour in Industrial Conflict: Case Studies from Bangalore
    Supriya RoyChowdhry

  • Menopause: Emerging Issues in India
    - T S Syamala and
    M Sivakami

  • New Development Model and Implications for the Human Rights of the  Vulnerable Groups
    - Ajay Gudavarthy

  • Panchayat Finances in Karnataka
    D Rajasekhar

  • Panchayats and Watershed Development: An Assessment of Institutional Capacity
    - N Sivanna and Gopinath Reddy

  • Perspectives on Telemedicine in India
    - G K Karanth and H Sudarshan

  • Reproductive Morbidity of Women in Karnataka: Evidence from National Family Health Survey-2 and Reproductive and Child Health Survey - 1998-99
    R Mutharayappa

  • Restructuring Local Environmental Management for Better Health Outcomes: Towards a District Level Pilot in Karnataka
    - S Bhide, Veerasekharappa and
    T V Sekher

  • The Environmental Kuznet's Curve - Evidences with Indian and Japanese Data
    K N Ninan

  • Traditional Services in a Modern Setting: The case of Safai Karmacharis in Urban Karnataka (a study in districts of Karnataka)
    K G Gayathri Devi

  • Urban Governance in India: Mapping Partnerships in Public Service Delivery
    Madhushree Sekher

  • Urban Infrastructure Imperative and Rain Water Harvesting - Opportunities and Challenges
    - Syed Ajmal Pasha and K V M Varambally

  • Use of Contractual Labour in Selected Enterprises in Karnataka
    - Meenakshi Rajeev and
    Supriya RoyChowdhury

  • WTO Agreements and Small Scale Industries in Karnataka State: An Explorative Study of Current Policy Issues and Interventions, and Future Policy Alternatives
    M R Narayana


  • Agricultural Input Subsidies in India: Quantum of Subsidies to SC/ST Farmers
    M Mahadeva



  • Evaluation of Capacity Building Programmes for Village Education Committees
    - M D Ushadevi

  • Women Polytechnics and Women in Polytechnic Education
    - M D Ushadevi


  • A Study of Maternal Health Care in Three Districts of Karnataka
    - R Mutharayappa

  • Effectiveness of Public Expenditure Restraint Measures: A Comparative Study of Canada and India
    - K Gayithri

  • Elite Perceptions of Poverty: The Case of Karnataka
    - Anand Inbanathan

  • Evaluation of Bhagya Jyothi/Kutir Jyothi Scheme in Karnataka
    - M Vivekananda

  • Evaluation of Employment Assurance Scheme (EAS): Case Study of Two Districts in Karnataka
    - S Erappa

  • Government Expenditure on Rural Development: A Study of Karnataka
    - K Gayithri

  • Impact of Removal of Quantitative Restrictions (QRs) on Import of Agricultural Produce
    - R S Deshpande and P Thippaiah

  • Impact of Soft Loans Scheme of National Horticulture Board (NHB) in Development of Post Harvest Infrastructure for Horticultural Produce in Karnataka
    - P Thippaiah

  • The Role of Self-Value in Upliftment process: A Comparative Analysis of Dalit Experience in Belgaum District
    Manohar S Yadav

  • Turnover Tax and Entry Tax in Karnataka
    - Hemlata Rao


  • Cropping Pattern and Resource Use Efficiency in Major Crops: A Case study of Karnataka
    - M J Bhende

  • Economic Analysis of Biodiversity Conservation - The Case of Tropical Forests in the Western Ghats
    - K N Ninan

  • Household Energy Consumption: A Regional Analysis
    - G S Sastry

  • Impact Evaluation of National Watershed Development Programme for Rain-Fed  Areas (NWDPRA), Raichur District, Karnataka
    - S Erappa

  • Livestock Economy of India and its Environmental Implications
    - Syed Ajmal Pasha


  • An Economic Analysis of Introduction of Alternative Fare Collection System in BMTC: Feasibility Survey of Smart Card
    - Hemlata Rao and K Gayithri

  • Baseline Survey in Bellary District under RCH Project
    - K N M Raju

  • Economic Reforms and Democratic Institutions: The Interface of State, Labour and Trade Unions
    - Supriya RoyChowdhury

  • Grants-in-aid to Private Degree Colleges in Karnataka State: Current Status and Future Policy Alternatives
    - M R Narayana

  • Karnataka Integrated Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation in Pilot Villages: An Impact Study
    - Veerasekharappa

  • People's Perceptions and Participation in Watershed Development Programmes: A Rapid Rural Appraisal
    - K N Ninan

  • Rapid Assessment Survey of Health and Family Welfare Programmes in Kodagu District
    - K N M Raju, T N Bhat and C Yoganand

  • Regional Disparities in Higher Education in Karnataka
    - Johnson Samuel

  • The Process of Democratic Seed-Drilling in Lakshadweep: The case of Panchayats
    - B S Bhargava

  • The Reforms of Subsidy Regime in Respect of all Agricultural Implements and Machinery including Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation
    - P Thippaiah and R S Deshpande



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