Institute for Social and Economic Change




Chairs/Visiting Faculty

Honorary Visiting Professors

Prof. VKRV Rao Chair Professors




Designation E-mail Address
Prof. D Rajasekhar In-charge Director
Mr. A N Ravishankar Registrar In-charge
Mr. B V Srinivas, Accounts Officer
Dr. B B Chand Deputy Librarian
Dr. Pradeep Hegde Assistant Librarian
Mr. A N Ravishankar Assistant Registrar
Ms. S Padmavathy Assistant Registrar
Ms. B Akila Assistant Registrar
Mr. A Sathish Kamath Systems Analyst
Mr. Srinivasa K Documentalist
Dr. Shivakumara R M Digital Library Analyst
Mr. B H Chandrashekara Senior Personal Assistant
Ms. A Latha Senior Personal Assistant
Mr. R.G.B.P. Naidu Estate Manager
Mr. M Kusanna Selection Grade Technical Assistant
Dr. Khalil Musa Shaha Selection Grade Technical Assistant
Mr. T Amarnath Selection Grade Assistant
Ms. M Hemalatha Selection Grade Assistant
Ms. R Shilpa Selection Grade Assistant
Ms. K Suma Selection Grade Assistant
Ms. J Vimala Selection Grade Assistant
Ms. J Mohana Devi Selection Grade Assistant
Ms. Shailaja Prabhakar Selection Grade Assistant
Mr. Krishnappa S Selection Grade Assistant (Library)
Ms. P M Arathi Selection Grade DTP Assistant
Ms. Sharmila K.S. Senior Assistant
Mr. Vijay N Malave Senior Assistant
Ms. Sudha S. Senior Assistant
Mr. Karthik T M Y Senior Assistant
Ms. Sweatha M Senior Assistant
Ms. Jyothi H.R Senior Assistant
Ms. Meghana B. Kesari Senior Assistant
Ms. Ramya R Senior Assistant
Ms. Chethana C G Senior Assistant
Ms. Archana Y Senior Assistant
Mr. Vinoth Chandra Rai Senior Assistant (Systems)
Mr. Siddaraju M.S. Library Clerk
Mr. B Suresha Dispatch Clerk .
Mr. R Vasanth Kumar Electrician .
Mr. Venkata Hanumaiah V Driver  
Mr. K S Prabhu Driver  

Mr. Mallaiah M


Mr. Venugopala


Mr. H Rudresha


Mr. L Kumar

Mr. Muthuraja Attender  


Mr. M Srinivasa Mr. Renuka R Mr. Shekara K C
Mr. Nataraja Ms. Ramamani M B Mr. A Raja
Ms. Shobha T Mr. Sudhakara P R  


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